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HIV transmission from receiving oral sex

hi guys,
I am 34yo male, I did the dumbest thing in my life. I have visited a CSW in 18th of October, and she performed unprotected oral sex to me three times and I ended up ejaculating every time. I know that there are debates that its a minimal risk. I have asked the CSW she told me that she had wisdom tooth extraction 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to ask whether its a risk? I am so restless its been 13 days.

my question is:
1. Is transmission possible at all from mouth to Penis? what are the chances and when should i get tested and which test should I take for my peace of mind?

kind regards

should i wor
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You have 32 posts so have read and have been advised that oral is zero risk. Please don't make contrary claims about "debates" here since 18 of your posts have been removed which shows that you do not listen to the advice given.
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You would be better off to try therapy, rather than continuing to waste so much of your life worrying about an impossible hiv disease.

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