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HIV transmission

Is it possible to catch through open cuts in a bar through contact while dancing or shaking hands the cut was an ice cut inner side of my wrists on both hands just prior to entering the bar ?
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NO... this was answered in your other thread.
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Return to your original thread and read the replies you have been given.
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I know but last question is there any scientific risk here and is testing recommened by doctors for this ?
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There is no risk whatsoever and no need to test. Your concern is somewhat irrational because you have no reason to believe that you were in contact with another person's blood in the first place. If you can't let this go then you're best bet is to talk to a therapist about it.
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I know there was no direct blood to blood contact but what if somebody who is HIV positive touched something like saliva or had dirty hands and touched my cut while shaking hands or dancing ?
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is that any risk for hiv ?
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No.Hiv is unable to reproduce outside it,s living host.It becomes inactive
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