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HIV transmission?

I have a cut on my index finger that looks a day or so old. I was handling some burger patties for a family BBQ, and noticed that some other people were also handling the meat (none of us were using gloves). The blood coming from the patties wigged me out. I don't know if anyone else had cuts on their fingers or bled on the meat, but I was concerned about transmission from another person to me through meat if some of that blood got into my cut (which I'm not sure it did). Is this something to worry about? Some of the people handling the meat are family friends that I don't know that well, so that's what led me to be concerned. Thanks!
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This is absolutely not a risk, your thinking and concern is coming from a place of total anxiety and has no place in actual risk of HIV transmission. Sorry to say it but it is a totally absurd suggestion and of no risk at all.

If this is something that concerns you on a regular basis for no rational reason then maybe you need to speak to somebody about it.
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No, despite what you may have read, HIV is not transmitted through contact with blood in the environment. But quite frankly your concern sounds not quite rational anyway- hamburger blood is cow blood and nothing more.
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