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HIV transmissions

i need your concern on this......i have a friend who had sex with a women having HIV positive. during sexual act he used condom properly .but before starting sex he put the fingers in vaginal to stimulate the women before an act  and one of the finger had small damaged skin around the nail part ( skin was damaged when he washed clothes, with no any blood at all  ) my question is. is this person considered to be potentially at a risk of getting HIV...?  thanks.
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Zero risk. Any activity outside the vagina is classified as air contact and fingering is air contact even though you think for obvious reasons that it isn't.

HIV is instantly inactivated in air so it can't infect, otherwise all of America would be infected from toilets, workplace cuts and sporting events. You haven't read of anyone getting it this way because it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen because it can''t happen.

It would be front page news if some baby got it in a public changing room or toilet or playground equipment.

Only sex risks are unprotected vaginal or anal which you didn't have so zero risk to you.
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THANKS allot for your answer  anxious No More...i feel proud to be in this group it is real helpful be blessed....now i believe he is not in risk....and addition to that after having sex 10hrs and 11 min.later he started PEP he completed the dose on 04 may this year with full adherence..thanks much...i was real worry about this since he is the best of ma best friend of mine.
His doctor should be shot for prescribing PEP as a placebo. PEP can have serious side effects.
Thanks now i understand.
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