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HIV-type symptoms mirrored by wife...

I had unprotected sex with a sexually active woman while on a business trip 3.5 weeks ago. Since then I have had several ARS type symptoms such as sore throat, lymph swelling, headache behind the eyes, nausea, diarrhea, rashes on face, neck, and upper back and chest. The worst symptom was thrush... I got an anonymous email from the girl telling me to "get checked for STDs" I went in and was given Zithromax and Flagella as precautions--leading to a nice case of THRUSH in my mouth. The Dr told me that thrush after broad spectrum antibiotics isn't uncommon, but it's RARE. He said that thrush in adults is usually caused by HIV, not the anitbiotics. I just bought a rapid kit, but it's still posibly too early to get a positive result...if I/we am/are.

Week 1-- swollen glands on left side of neck for 24 hours, sore throat for 48 hours, diarrhea for 48 hours
Week 2-- thrush after antibiotics, muscle aches in neck and foot/leg cramps, slight fatigue
Week 3-- rash on sides of neck, upper chest and back and on sides of face--pimple like bumps and a few flat ones
Week 3-- fatigue 3 days straight. 1 hour after sleeping 8-9 hours feel as if I stayed up all night with no energy all day. Rash happened during this fatigue, but not sure if I had a fever. rash on neck started to clear after 48hrs, but then rash got worse on face and spread further. rash has been present 3 days now but seems to change areas and severity.

My wife has had all the symptoms above almost exactly 3-5 days after I had them and with similar severity except the thrush and her rash is on her forearms. We had sex 3 days after my encounter. I have not told her about the encounter and she thinks the antibiotics were for a UTI.

Is is possible that we are HIV infected?
How long does the ARS rash usually last?
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I read that you cant just go by symptoms..what rapid kit did you buy?
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I bought the one from Walgreens that's on their website. I will do the test and send it in tomorrow.

What bothers me is that my wife is showing the same symptoms. Hers aren't as severe as mine except the rash covers the soft inner forearms completely.

What really scares me is that we have a young daughter. (7months)

I would never have done what I did, but she only has sex with me about once every other month and it had been a while... the girl on the trip was beautiful and eager to be with me and I caved in. Now I shudder to think I may have killed my family. I had no idea my wife would want sex the night I got home--after a 2 month dry spell... had I only not been so foolish.
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The more I read on here about thrush, the better I feel about my case of it. The Dr had me convinced that the antibiotics didn't do it. He would have ordered an HIV test, but it was a Saturday and the labs were closed--and I had another trip to go on--this time no funny business. I learned my lesson last time. :(

I know that a test result is better than symptom-based diagnosis, but the wait is killing me! I can't tell her until I know for sure. ...and I may not have a solid diagnosis for 2 more months! If it's negative every time, then the wait will have been worth it.

I just want to be around for my daughter's high school graduation in 18 years.
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I did the rapid test this morning and it's on it's way out.

The bad news is that the thrush came back! This time it's worse than it was last week. Last time it was on the roof of my mouth, this time it's on the roof, sides of my tongue, back of my tongue and throat area.

Today I feel worse than I have ever...

I dread my results...
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Didn't you read the paperwork. Home Access tests are not conclusive until 3 months post exposure.
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I wanted to see how it came out at 4 weeks--I work for a medical company that services blood serum analyzers and I did have an exposure accident in December.

If I am showing neg I may go ahead and try to file a report because there really isn't any way to know which place I got infected if I am. My cut was minor, but I was working on an instrument that processes HIV and HEP.  I think that a negative result would help ease my mind a little. Once I file a report, I will begin ELISA testing.

I would have filed before, but coworkers told me it was nothing to worry about and I am new to the field.
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