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HIV via oral sex?

hi I'm from china, 2 weeks ago i performed oral sex on a gay men  and i am so regret and scared now because he is very much like HIV+. I intended to just lick his penis a little but he then pressed on my head and tried stick his penis deep in several times. i resisted and we stopped. i didn't think his penis reached my throat otherwise i would have gagged but i didn't. the whole process lasted no more than 1 minute i think.

i read a lot similar cases here and many said it's very low or no risk act. but here are something i think special for my case.

1. i was so nervous when i started licking so there weren't much saliva in my mouth, so i am afraid my saliva won't kill the virus.
2. before this exposure, maybe several hours ago or a day ago, i bit my check inside my mouth, i didn't think there were a cut but two days after the exposure, there became a aphthae right where i bit. i am worried it was a cut already when i performed the oral.
3. due to the bad air pollution i had chronic pharyngitis then, maybe there were aphthae deep down the throat i didn't know when i performed the oral.

here are my worries.
1. my saliva was so little which could not kill the virus.
2. if there were his precum directly contact my small bit cut or aphthae and the virus could infect, right?
3. i lost my sleep since that night, and there became two aphthae in my mouth till now, which showed my immune system is poor, if there were hiv virus inside, my immune system is unable to kill them, right?
4. my body temperature under my arm usually 36.4°C, but the night before last i heard he probably HIV+ i was so scared then it reached 37.1°C, then 36.9°C. today my temperature was 36.1°C. is that a fever compare to my normal temperature?
5. would it possible that chinese people's mouth was not as good as american's so american wouldn't get hiv via oral sex but chinese do?

i notice that only Dr. HHH, Dr. Hook and Teak said oral was of little or no risk and needed not testing. but all other experts or CDC said oral was risky, right? now Dr. HHH, Dr. Hook and Teak won't answer questions, why? because what they said was wrong and they were in trouble?

i am so scared, Pls help me out here! should i go testing or should i just ignore it?

Thank you!!!
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We are sure because actual HIV EXPERTS have stated that and have backed it up with scientific data. If you want to discredit actual experts that is your perogative.
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Where r u from? Which one do you believe? CDC or medhelp?
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I read what u re-posted, but they don't answer my questions. I'm sorry if my post bothers you. If you can't answer my questions, please just leave them to whose who can because I am so worried now. Thanks!
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I've told you you had no risk. More importantly, moderator has told you you had no risk, and you have also seen comments about oral sex stating it is no risk, like the one I mentioned, and still you say my questions have not been answered.

"i am so scared, Pls help me out here! should i go testing or should i just ignore it?"

Your question HAS been answered. But, you refuse to accept it.
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Listen to sleeplessnights34. You had no risk
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The reason the Doctor's don't answer questions is because all of the answers have been virtually given by them already. Reread the doctors forum and you will see tons of questions like yours answered already. And your temperature is normal. 37.1 is normal body temperature. You ask for advice and than ignore it or don't believe it. Not much else anybody can do if you choose not to believe it.
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Don't u see I am different in some way? Like I had little saliva, and saliva is the very reason why oral is low risk, isn't it?
Also, Both US CDC and Chinese CDC said oral is risky, and there are a lot guys claiming infected that way, why on this forum you are so sure it's no risk???
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You are not different in anyway. The CDC's stance on oral sex is low risk. Don't lie. You are making stuff up and frankly it annoys people who are actually trying to support and help you. Either accept the advice and move on or post someplace else. Nobody is going to agree with you.
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