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HIV with hookers

I had sex with a hooker about a month ago. I'm 24 adn clearly very stupid. The condom broke and i came outside. I know I have made a grave mistake and I am probably on my way to dying anyway. My throat is sore. I went for HIV tests and they came out negative after 5 weeks. I'm so so so scared that I'm even developig the primary HIV ssymptoms. I have a sore throat for about 2 weeks now. The doctor says that conclusive results will only be available after 6 weeks of possible exposure. I'm so not proud of myself and I feel terrible. I might be HIV+, that I'm prepared to live with. Reaching 30 is a luxury in my community anyway especially if you are male. The funny thing is that girls like me but i somehow still found a way to sleep with a hooker. I think I'm very stpid and deserve to not reproduce. How will I raise a child if I think like I am right now? If I did contract AIDS, it's purely due to my actions and being accountable is all that I can do. I have to live with this. Is having a sore throat 4 weeks after possible exposure a clear sighn that I'm infected. Should I go fo counselling and ART yet. I'll test agin next week at 6 weeks. Oh, it happend in South Africa! The highest risk ever...
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At five weeks,  90-95% of infected people will test positive. Your result is encouraging but not definitive. And a test at 6 weeks will be a very good indication of your status.

However, for a conclusive test result, this forum recommends a test 3 months after exposure.
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Thank you Joggen. But my throat is still sore. I've read so much about HIV ever since my incidenct. My mind is just full of HIV! It's all I think about the whole day. I still work fine but I think that I need some kind of help. Sleeping with prostitutes is so so risky. Something I should have thought about and informed myself about long long back.

I took antibiotics for my throat. It looks like it's a viral infection. HIV! My gosh...
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You can't go by symptoms to tell your status and sore throat is not an HIV symptom anyway.
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"At five weeks,90-95% of infected people will test positive" is that true? than why do they say 3 months is 97% ...just curious :)
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That is outdated information. At 3 months it is virtually 100%.
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so at 5 weeks 90-95% right? thats cool i didn't know that
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