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HIV worry please advise. Unprotected vaginal and oral sex.

Hello Doctor,

I done something very stupid and slept with a girl on 2nd September. I didn’t use protection. She is 22,and from Netherlands. Very free spirit. I am 34 male,uk.
We had vagina and oral sex,lasting around 15minutes.

Recently, since 19th September I have got very sick.
Headaches, Nausea, extreme watery diarrhoea, vomiting, Candida in my mouth, tiredness, slight fever and trouble sleeping.

I am wondering what are the chances these symptoms are HIV?

I’ve asked the girl her HIV status,and she is adamant she looks after herself.

How long can I wait to get tested on NHS in the UK?

Thank you
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There are no doctors here, although this is a moderated forum.

First and foremost, you should focus on one simple fact, not everyone around is HIV positive, it is possible that you are fixated on an assumption causing this ordeal for you.

Symptoms that you have described are general in nature and can happen due to many factors including as simple as common microbial infection. This forum has evidenced many people complaining about similar symptoms however, they have tested negative at appropriate time-frame regarding their symptoms to be either psychosomatic or irrelevant.

It is very unlikely to contract HIV from a single act of unprotected vaginal exposure, typically in a Female to Male transmission scenario, it is usually seen that it takes multiple exposure with the infected partner.

Your best option is to wait for 28 days and get tested with a DUO test (p24 AG + AB).

In the interim, stay away from the internet to surf about HIV and it's symptoms. There are no answers available there, never was, never will be.

Good luck.
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I agree with Mike_no.  You may not know her status but the reality is, she is unlikely to have HIV.  And a one time vaginal sex exposure is low risk at less than 2 percent.  So, the odds are in your favor that you will not have contracted HIV from this experience.  

Agree that at 28 days you should take a DUO test (4th generation) for a conclusive result.  

And symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV.  They can be attributed to so may other things that doctors do not look at that.  They go by test results.  
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