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I am really worried about HIV? I am due to get tested next week but need a few questions answered first -

after my possible infection I had no symptoms 2-4 weeks except symptoms of gonharia which I got antibiotics for and went away

12 weeks after possible infextion a red blotchy rash appeared on my chest which was not itchy but when squeezed clear puss came out and I also had loose stools, this went away after about 7 days.

2 weeks after this the rash appeared again and has been coming and going ever since.

about 2 weeks after that i noticed a red and white blotchy rash on the palms of my hands which is totally different to the one on my chest but is also not itchy, this is still there and has been for the past 6 weeks, I also have a pain under my arm pits that comes and go's but they are not swelled at all?

Can you help i?
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Your symptoms are not HIV related. Only your test will tell you your status.
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Do you know what this rash on my palm could be?
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We don't make diagnoses on this forum- see your doctor.
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Is a red and white blotchy non itchy palm rash for 6 weeks or more a common ARS symptom?
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