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Dear Doctor,

I had sex with a prostitute in dubai which was 2 weeks ago, but when we were having sex my condom broke she push me back and gave me a new condom then we contd with the intercouse....i believe i was unprotected for about 30 seconds to a min, after a week i developed a dry throat.

The lady told me not to worried since she is a working lady and does this only 2 times in a week,

what are my chances of getting HIV?
Can i get tested after 25 days or should i wait for 3months..

The CDC wedsite said even a 25days result accurate, is this true?

waiting for your prompt reply


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3 months will be conclusive.
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Thanks for the comment, but what are my chances of not catching HIV, as i said the condom riped and she push me back after about 30 seconds to a min.
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dear All,

CAn some one help me on the above questions?

From last night i started coughing a lot and feel weak too...i think i maybe getting a fever..!!!...i am so scared right now, i hate that night ...

can some one help
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You can't use symptoms to diagnosis HIV. They never match up and are often too non-specific.
Have to wait the 3 months and test.
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can i get these symptoms by just thinking about it everyday???

I am so scared to get tested, what is its positive???what will i do??how will i face my mom and girl and everyone????

i hate myself..
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You can concern yourself with that when you test and "if" you test positive.
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thanks teak....

But my friend does this everytime and has has unprotected sex with 2 women and had all the symptoms for HIV but when he got tested is was negtive, moreover he tested after 6 months???

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i still wonder if i can contract hiv if i was unprotected for 30 seconds to a min
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probably not, unless youre very unlucky.
if teh woman is hiv pos and depending on certain circumstances, u have a 1 in 1000 chance of catching it -  as a calculated average.

30 seconds in a single exposure? I would guess you have a beter chance of winning the lottery.

Anyway get tested at 8 weeks and then 12.   8 is a good indicator and 12 is conclusive.
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Hey thanks for the comment..

what do you mean i have a better chance for winning a lottery? do you mean by catching the virus??

Unlucky...!!! i am very unlucky on other things, hope not in this...

anyway what did you mean by that??

thanks for you reply really need help
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your condom failed...you test at the appropriate time.

we cant tell you whether or not you were infected...only a test will do that.
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I was wonder what what you said, that i have a better chance of winning the lottery??

better chance of catching the virus??

please help..
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special thanks for all the help...

i guess there is nothing much to do now but wait for 3 month..!!!

i will never forget that night since it has really reuin my life....i was suppose to getting married to the girl i love on jan 2010, and now if i am positive?? i really dont know how will i face her and everyone else close to me...

the night for 24 july which means i need to wait untill 24 oct...

i am see symtoms in myself already like sore throat (coughing alot), fever for one night and now weak..!!!guess i have it..!!!

anyway thanks and god bless us all.
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hey all,

i went for a test today and will get the results tonight or tomorrow...

i am so scared and was crying alot to....i pray its negative.....the doctor said 1 month gives a good 80% results and 3month 100%...

so scared....

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dear doctor,

My HIV result came back 0.181 negative....should i even have 0.181 or 0.00....not is here a little of virus in all of us?

i tested after 25 days and the doctor said the test now days give a good sign if your positive or not ...

is this true?
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You were already told when you can obtain a conclusive negative test and the answers are not going to change.
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Dear All,

I got tested again, but this time it was a (HIV 1 & 2 antibody &P24 Antigen test) which came back negative after 10 weeks and 2 days, the doctor told me that nowdays the test are very accurte specially the P24 antigen...(not sure what that means)..

Do you think this can change 7 day later??
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no it will not change in 7 days
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why do people say 3 months will be conclusive...?? does that mean the anitbody may show up a day later if tested is conducted at 10 weeks and if it 3 months it will not because its 3 months????

Don't get it...!
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3 months is the guidelines set by the FDA and manufacture of the tests. So it is proven that 3 months is conclusive. But tests are very sensitive these days so the outcome is not going to change in a handful of days.
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so Should i Move on??
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hey all,

please answer
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yes u should
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