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I have unprotected sex Sept 5. After a week, I developed an intense vaginal itching and unsual discharge. I went to the doctor after 10 days  I had unprotected sex. Doctor gave me rocephin injection, and put me on zithromax and diflucan prior to the gonorrhea and chlamydial test. I also had HIV testing, syphilis test, and herpes test.I took the zithromax and diflucan but for a week the the symptoms still continued. 4days later Doctor's office called me that they didn't able to process my gonorrhea and chlamydia test due two samples were put in the same tube and that they had to throw away the whole sample. So, I came back to do the chlamydia and gonorrhea test. And it came back negative. By the way, the hiv is negative, syphilis is negative but I am positive for hsv 1. Four weeks after, I experienced fever, coughing, muscle aches,  joint pain,  sore throat, on and off diarrhea. Now, I am still experiencing the intermittent loose stools. Also, I am having this painful lymph nodes. Could this be sign of HIV? I am very worried. I called the guy I had sex with. He said he is clean. But I don't believe him. I think he is crazy. Please tell me about these symptoms.
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You did have a risk, so you should go get tested after three months. But considering the circumstances you seem to have a very low level of risk, since this was a single incident of receptive vaginal sex. The chances of you being infected through this single act is considered to be about one in a thousand by the cdc. If you combine this with the fact that hiv is excedingly rare among heterosexual men then your risk thorugh one act with a partner of unknown status is even lower. As, Im sure you've heard acute hiv symptoms are non-specific and mimic several other viral infections.  You should probably stop panicking, go back to get tested in around three months, and it will likely be come back negative. Considering the overall statistics your chances of actually having hiv are far lower than your symptoms just being a regular viral infection or just general reactions to anxiety.
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Thanks for the comment John 703. I will come back in 3 months to get tested again. Please pray for me. I am extremely worried and scared.
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Hi, Josie 31

you can check after 9 weeks for confirmation - then after 3 months.
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Look at the dates before responding to a thread.
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