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I have had one unprotected sex with a partner only hours before she got a phone call from a doctor that she is HIV positive. After the sex which was very brief I quickly washed myself and passed urine to cleanse myself of her body fluid. Would this have helped reduced the risk of contracting the disease?
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you can only know by testing..
test at 6-8 weeks for a fair indication of your status..
a test at 3 mths will be conclusive..
always practice safe sex in the future
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Thanks for your comments. I have learned a hash lesson. Would never do this again because I have sleepless nights of how a moment of madness may have destroyed my life. I have been careful throughout. As you can imagine, I ran straight to the doctor who is doing the first test to get a baseline but as you said it would be 3 months before i know my fate. For now I am just running through the various theories as to chances of escape after just 2 days of this event.
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you might not get hiv by a single exposure,at the same time the chances are also there
what i am saying is its not 100% u might have got it
just hope you'll be a lucky person..
have faith
a negative test at 6-8 weeks will ease the anxiety that you are goin through
but test again at 3 mths for a conclusive result..
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to make you feel better, acquiring HIV from a woman to a man is less than 0.1% which is less than the chance of a woman acquiring it from a man...

it is not 0% chance, and you need to get tested.....hope that you are negative on your result, goodluck and God bless....
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain a conclusive negative test result.
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Why dont you guys tell people to seek pep... when i first looked up hiv stuff because of my scare i didnt learn about pep until a few days later... and by then it was too late
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