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todays date 9-22-10... age 33 on 7-28-10 had oral sex with a condom (not sure if latex)..she gets around i assume ...had a couble beers should have known better because she had alot of covered up appeared to be chin acne and dry? couphed a couple times   about 8 min +/-   she touched the tip of the condom with her hands before i put it on however, not sure if she had any vaginal fluid on them.  she also fingured herself them put her hands on i believe the abdomen or groin area i pushed them back and she pressed down a little harder before letting go. about 4 hours later when woke up had a bump that begain to sting on upper groin area and pee smelled foul for the 1 time.  extremely scared did not look at the bump for a couple days which constintley was irrated .finally looked and appeared inflamed? not sure if right word, took a freeze off wart remover and froze it...then a few other non irritant bumps occured in the groin area and froze as well... have constant anxiety and stress over the experience that has now lead to numerous other issues such as have occured redenned neck on both sides, sleeplessness, lack of motivation. some excessive pruning of hand after showering, redened groin area after showering sometimes other places get a little pink like armpit ares sometimes, small pea sized non irritant bump under tounge not sure if was there befor the experience, lost about aprx. 20 pounds was in the 180's now low 160's, smoking alot more, tine versicolor rash on both sides of groin area , have had on chest/arm but not groin , scratches appear to take longer to heal it appears, general fatigue, night sweats in the beginning, believe thats were the weight loss came from?  steady tingling sensation in tip of penis and mild burning? sensation around penis sides around penis ...dr gave doxycycline for that for non specific uritherits which at about 12 days have greatly improved...and  at about 3 weeks had full urine, bloodwork and blood count done, everything was negative syph, gon, clam, trich, hsv 1 and 2, hiv, hep b and c,  red blood count slight higher at 5.92,.  after taking these tests was still anxiety over whats going on, went to er thought there was  leakage but may have been just the tingling sensation at the tip of penis never saw any white/green fluid...they swabed me and treated me for chlomidia and gohn with muscle shot and for pills...everything was clearing up felt great, went to facility 3 days later to see if was all cleared up they said the test results were negative, anxiety came back  need to know what wrong that night is it someting major hiv or? took another hiv test at 6 weeks was negative...have flu cold symptoms now couple days blowing nose and mild cough   need help is my mind playing tricks or what?
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Oral sex is not a risk.
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protected sex is no risk. And no reason to spread rumors about this girl you had sex with, if she gets around what does that say about you?
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hi i was embaressed to say she was a las vegas worker sorry
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Regardless, you were never at risk from this described scenario. You used protection.
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This forum we want everyone to be truthful it helps us assess the situation. If you go through and read posts you will see that the majority or people who come here had an encounter with a sex worker. Nothing to be embarrased about.
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