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I am gay.My boyfriend and I have been daing for 3 months. In the 3 months we had oral sex where we jerk each other off an sometimes we would swallow each other cum.We both decided to do a HIV test together because we wanted to have sex. We did so an ot came back negatives both tests. My boyfriend last sexual encounter was 11 months ago and I was one year ago. Five days  after my boyfriend acompany his best friend to get a HIV test because the person was nervous an in so doing he did another test to make his girlfriend feel comfortable only to find out he was tested positive. These test were all rapid test done but I cant understand why the resons for a different result.
Myself and my boyfriend had unprotected sex before he did the second test 5 days after but I did not ejaculated in him nor had I bruise him. Do you think I would be affected or what you think we both should do
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Considering the last time you both did unprotected sex was true and you both don't have HIV.

Regarding that best friend of your BF, he's only conclusively positive after a confirmatory test like Western Blot, because false positive is possible.
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