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I am 29 year old unmarried male.I am really worried about HIV. I got some bumbs under my lips in the months of jan,2011,i didn't care and keep continue my shaving after a two months it had been increase a lot in my beard area. Then I consult to a dermatologist he told me that is Molluscum and recommend me to HIV test .Here is my all test report till today (18-07-2011)
My life first relation with a girl  with condom i don't know about her HIV history :- 18 Feb,2011

1)  My First HIV Test result 08/04/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) - Negative

2 ) My 2nd HIV   Test result 15/04/2011 :- HIV 1 & 2 antibodies,Western Blot


Envelope Antigen                                  GAG/Core Antigens                          POL Antigens

gp 41: Negative                                    P17: Negative                                 P31: Negative
gp 120: Negative                                  p24 : Negatvie                                 P51: Negative
gp160: Negative                                     p 39: Negative                                    P 66: Negative
                                                            p55: Negative

HIV -2 Antibodies Against
Antigen                                       Result
gp 36:                                          Negative

3)  My third HIV Test result 16/05/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) - Negative

4 )  My Forth HIV Test result 20/06/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) - Negative

5) My Fifth HIV Test result 18/07/2011 :- HIV (I & II)
    HIV 1 / 2 & P 24 COMBO TEST
Index Value 0.15
Result: Non Reactive
The reason for worrying:-
I read in lot of article that if you have molluscum in beard area and eyelids that's means you are HIV infected. I have lot's of small molluscum in my beard area as well as in my eyelids. I am under depression about HIV. I talk to my dermatologist about this. He is using TCA 25% to burn molluscum and prescribed some of medicine to increase my immune system from mid april,2011. I just come to show my HIV result to my dermatologist. He told me that you are 100% HIV free,But again another side he told me that if you continue your HIV test till Nov. that will be 200 % what that mean. Every time he make me more restless.I have already lost my job due this tense. every day i am feeling like a year Whenever i am going to search on internet about molluscum on face then only one response i am getting that is only for HIV.Kindly suggest me what to to........
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you are 1000 % hiv negative.
No need to get tested again .
Because after three months a negative result is a 100 % true.
And u'did a safe sex with a condom with a girl . U never had a risk
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wow...all that typing and you never had a risk.
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