i had protected vaginal sex,vaginal kissing with cracked lips,fingering the vagina with no visible cuts,touched my penis head with the same finger.(Happened on 30th September2013)

After 3 days of incident i got fever low grade,joint pain,mouth ulcers,stomach upset,fatigue,uti etc
Admitted to hospital on 5th day.the doctor has put me on iv fluids(ringer lactate,normal saline,DNS,DEXT etc) and injections(Oflox,monocef,febrinil,falcijo,vitneurin,essom)  for 5  days

After my discaharge on 11th october,continued oflox ,forcan,levocet,nexitoplus,nuerobion forte,pan 40 mg tablets for 1 week)
From 22nd october i was on sinarest,pantocid,cobodex forte etc for 1week
on 25th October i got penile pimples(two red pin shaped)-general feverish unwell feeling continued with swollen lymph node at armpit,small rashes on hand,forehead etc

On 30th october(4 weeks post exposure) .I went to dermatologist for penile pimples, general unwell feeling,nausea ,he did HIV test (third Generation Ag/Ab and P24 antigen) which came negative and hepatitis(HBSAg,Anti HB,anti HEV,anti HAV,Anti HCV) and vdrl came negative.

He put me on Moxikind CV625,Montec lc, SN15 and neosporin ointment for 15 days(from 4th nov to 17th nov)

On 18thNovember  i developed prostrate infection,doctor put me on Oflox tab and Alfoo tab till date(today)

The fatigue,feverish feeling ,general unwell feeling,throat infection,oral thrush,burning tongue,swollen lymph nodes below armpit,Groin ,below left ear,penile itching,right groin pain are still persistent.
Again done serum HCV,Anti HAV,Hbsag after 9 weeks post exposure which came negative.

i did an 84 th day HIV ELISA 1 &2 which came negative, 88th day Microlisa Ag &Ab test which also  came negative

still the symptoms are persistent-----penile pimples,mouth sores(pus filled sores),small bumps on roof of mouth,groin pain,swollen lymph nodes at right groin,both armpits,left ear,fatigue,general unwell feeling,penile itching,oral thrush,burning tongue etc...

My questions
1) will the prolonged use of these medication affect the ELISA test at12 weeks?
2)wil the use of iv fluids for 1 week  affect the hiv test result?
3)what are the persistent symptoms suggest?
3)Do i need a repeat testing after 3 months ?

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You were never at any risk ..........protected sex is not a risk,
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HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug users
Mother to child
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What about the use of iv fluids during hospitalisation?
Will the use of iv fluids prolong window?
Are iv fluids and class iv drugs the same ?
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You do not have an HIV concern.
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