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I had three times protected sexes. The strange appearances were that I got sore throat 3 times after each sex. All of them  happened at 2-3 weeks later than the sex.

I am in an Asian country. I consulted the CDC. They all told me that protected sex is low risk due to unknown condom failure.

I have a few questions about HIV as per below:

1, I believe a success protected sex is no risk on contracting HIV. But how can we know our condom was intact after sex? What does "unknown condom failure" mean from the CDC consultant?

2, Were my symptoms related with HIV(3 times sore throat)? In the past several years, I had never been sick except those 3 times sore throat.

3, I didn't see any obvious breakage after 3 sex actions when I took off the condoms, but I never checked it also. But I am worried about what the consultant told me regarding the unknown condom failure. Have you known any infection through an unknown condom failure, which means infect HIV from a protected sex? 100% condom failure can be found after sex?

4, Do I need an HIV test?

Thank you for your help. I expect your professional answers,  clear my puzzles and suggest me what to do. Thank you very much again!

Vincent Tan
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1. Yes ! Condom protected sex is 100% safe. Unknown does not mean that you do not know it, here unknown means the real percentage of  condom failure. You will certainly know failure of your condom because it is too obvious to ignore
2. Sore throat alone is not a valid HIV symptom, could be due to a number of common and minor infections
3. Condom failures are noticed immediately or at the latest, immediately after your withdrawal.
4. No ! You do not need a test, however to lay your worries to rest permanently, you may go for a test, not because of your non existing exposure, but for your own peace of mind only
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Hi Diver58,

I really very much appreciate for your detailed reply!

I understand that unknown condom failure doesn't mean a kind of condom failure that caused HIV infection but without known by the user.
So my status was a safe sex as I never seen any condom breakage obviously. Your suggestion of testing is only for peace my mind.

Am I right?  Coz my English is not my mother language. I hope my understanding is correct. Is it right?

Thanks again to you!
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Yes your understanding is correct
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Many thanks Diver52. I think I will move on directly.
I am going to get married soon. That why I was so stressed.
Appreciate for your great help!
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