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Hello, I am 21 yr old male I have had strange symptoms since I had sex once for a few minutes 4 years ago with a girl I didn't know. 2 weeks on from the intercourse I remember getting a fungal rash on my feet, hands and back the doctor said my feet was tinea and my back was lichen planus. About a week later I remember having a heavy/blocked feeling in my urethra and my penis head went red and was sensitive/tingling. I have had frequent urination for as long as I can remember and get random muscle aches. My eyes have floaters and sparks that seem to be getting worse. I have had a urine and swab test twice over the 4 year period and everything came back negative. I had a HIV test 3 weeks ago which also came back negative. If someone has any idea please help I am over having all the symptoms. I also have had bad sinus issues and always have a dry mouth and have trouble sleeping.
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Any ideas anyone!?!? Please!!!
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Agree, your negative test 3 months ago means you cannot have contracted HIV from your exposure 4 years ago.

Have you done a complete blood count lately - if yes, what were the readings?
This will give a picture of the state of your general health
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