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I'm terrified about getting tested for HIV. I've been having night sweats for two years now. I've also been depressed and full of aniexty for two years now too. Two years ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend I asked if he had been tested he said yes but he has had unprotected afterwards. I got tested before had really bad aniexty I would wake up in the middle night sweating but my test were negative. But this time around I'm sweating but I'm absolutely terrified to get tested. I spoke with my ex again 6 months after exposure and explained my symptoms and he said I'm stressing way too much and he insisted on saying he is std free. I don't know if he knows his status for sure. Now my stomach has turned on me....for the last week my stomach has been hurting and I've been having no appetite. No fever or weight lost, but I woke up in a night sweat. My night sweats are happening more more now and I'm stressed more and more now too. All I think about is dying from HIV. The thought has totally consumed me. I'm never happy anymore. I notice when I take an "aniexty pill" (i forgot the name) I don't sweat and I sleep though the night. I had my annual cbc and std status were all normal but I have not done the big test...HIV. I actually did take to test after sleeping with ex but I was to scared to get the results. I called them to ask if it's there policy to follow with clients if there comes back and nurse said absolutely yes. I never got a call or mail from them which leads me to believe I don't have anything. I'm not if I'm crazy or if I have HIV. I did know I'm having night sweats and more recently my stomach hurts! I'm gassy, my stomach burns and makes noises. Maybe this is HIV related or maybe my aniexty had manifested to physical pain now. I've checked my phone records to see if they called two years ago but they didn't. I know what I should do but I'm scared the answer night be positive.
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Dear day123,

Anxiety and depression can ruin our life. You have to be brave, i know that's easy for me to tell, but you must pick up your results. Symptoms don't tell anything about HIV, test do. All your anxiety will stop if you pick up your test. Hope for the best. Take care and be well
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I feel your pain. I am going through exactly the same thing. I've never been so scared in all my life... The only relief I get is when I have a drink and then I don't get any stomach cramps or night sweats- which I am getting every night. I've been having extreme nightmares with drenching sweats. Have got a home testing kit, just need to courage to go through with it. Please let me know how you're getting on as I feel we are in the same boat. Best wishes
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"All I think about is dying from HIV"

This is no way to live. You must get your results.
Symptoms do NOT prove HIV. Only testing.
HIV test are among the accurate and specific out there, including rapid test. How relieved you would be to hear you are negative?
Take responsibility and charge of this situation and test right away. You are not alone.

And yes, anxiety can wreck a person physically.
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