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Dear Doctor,
I am a male and had protected sex with a red-light girl(sex worker).But, I used one condom for both oral and vaginal sex. Although the sex was with condom and the condom was not broken, I was worried because didn't know the girl's background and took STD and HIV tests (blood and urine) two months later( 60 days exactly after the sex). The answer was negative fortunately and I was totally healthy regarding STD and HIV. Now, around 7 months passed from that sex. I've had an aphthae on my tongue for a few days. I know there are different reasons for that.But, I read somewhere that it might also show your weak body system because of HIV !  I'm again really worried. Do you think my aphthae can be known as a sign of HIV ? and do you think I should have taken the test three months after the sex too?  or two months show the real result if your have HIV/Aids ?
I really need your opinion. Thanks in advance
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You had no HIV risk.
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Thanks for your reply. I have a better feeling now.
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