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I kissed a guy 6 months ago. I think he had a pimple right on his lips where it was dried and I think I forgot it for a while and he had a swollen lymph node on his neck. I think after a while I developed a sore throat and canker sores but it healed after a week.

One month after that, I had another sore throat and sort of fever but it healed after a week.

Last November 22, I kissed someone, sort of French kissing. And then two days after, I developed a sore throat and chills and fever and body ache and there was a swollen lymph node right behind my ear. I had sort of blisters on my lips and my gums were kind of rough. We went to the hospital and I was given paracetamol, and co-amoxiclav which is an antibiotic. I felt better after that, However, my sore throat has recurred again and cough, no fever though just chills and then we went for a follow up check-up and I was given Azithromycin, Losanges (which was for my mouth and I think it's starting to heal) and Paracetamol. Last night, my swollen glands became enlarged particularly on my neck, groins, and armpits. How much would it cost for a confirmatory HIV testing?  I'm really scared and at wit's end. I don't know what to do anymore, I couldn't sleep and I'm always shaking. I can't eat anymore and my stomach aches. I think I might be starting to have a diarrhea. I'm so scared.

Ps. I never had sex with anyone nor performed any sexual activities only kissing and one handjob to a guy who's my friend.
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Kissing is not a risk for HIV transmission. HIV can only be transmitted by unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works and from mother to child. Kissing is not a risk for HIV transmission.
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Even though he could be bleeding inside? I'm not sure but looking at the pimple on his lip now it looked like a cold sore. I am wearing braces but I'm pretty sure I have no cuts nor sores those time when I engaged into kissing.Just a couple of days ago, I saw that my mouth was covered with white patches, I think it's an oral thrush and there were some rashes forming around my back, chest and front if elbow. I had bouts of diarrhea too.
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Kissing is not a risk of HIV transmission.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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