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Today, I saw a Transsexual escort. I paid $200.00 to see her. She only Tops Men so I allowed her to Top me. I made her put on a condom before. She tried to Top me for 5 minutes and she could not get hard enough. She asked to rub her penis against my anus with no Condom. I said no way, then she said she will not Sneak attack me. So, I allowed it and she kept her promise with me. Then she tried again for 10 minutes with a condom and could not penetrate me because she not hard enough. She changed condoms and tried again. ANother 5 minutes nothing then finally she was able to penetrate me for 3-5 minutes. Then she pulled out then about 45-60 minutes she came in front of me and I saw no condom on her penis. She saw my face and she showed me condom in her hand and stated she just took it off because she cum. I saw condom in her hand but could not see any cum. She took off to bath room and came back with condom in her hand. I wanted to see condom so I can see cum. Then she said I do not have HIV because I have I am getting married soon. I always use condoms. I asked three times if you are sure and she said she has no STD's and used a condom with me whole time. My fear is she took condom off so she can get hard and penetrated me . When done showed me condom in her hand. I did see condom her at most attempts  for penetration. What should I do? Is it mind going crazy because I am very scare of HIV. Do you think she tricked me? She had a condom on bed so it looks like she uses protection. I am scared because after penetration, when she came around the bed, I saw no condom except her hand.  
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A summary of your post is she said she used a condom but you have no idea. Take an Hiv test at the proper interval, and use a condom if you have intercourse.
Since she said she always uses a condom, try to relax until the test results come back.
I took 4th Generation yesterday at (21) days 3 weeks and came back negative. I read 2-3 weeks good but some say 4 weeks. Did I test to early?
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21 days is extremely good have another at 28 days to eliminate any HIV risk

However be careful in future I'm sure u will be . Don't worry

I got my results back today, it was negative...Thank you for your response, it helped me relax
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