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Recently I underwent a full test that covered all STD's. Everything came back negative, except for one in limbo, the HIV test, that came back as a "weak positive". The doctor told me he gets at least one report of these per month and asked me to come back to give another blood sample. While back again to give more blood, he did an on the spot HIV test that he deemed "sometimes more reliable that the lab test". That was negative. A week past, lab tests came back, and it was still a weak positive but there were no antibody growth (or something along those lines) so the lab said that their conclusion was: HIV negative. Still worried/terrified, I went to another clinic, and got a free Oraquick HIV Rapid Test, which came back Negative - not even so much as reactive. Yet, I am contemplating another blood test to finally put my mind at ease. The possibility of having HIV terrifies me. Am I just overreacting?

Thanks for future answers,

Worried teen
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There are no week positive tests. Either your positive or negative.
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The lab test came back as a "weak positive" http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Fatigue/Archive/diagnosing/Q161715.html
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this is medhelp...NOT thebody
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No such thing. Either your positive or negative.
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Lizzie, simply a link backing up what I was saying? & teak, yes, "weak positive" exists. Can anyone else help me out please?
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Elisa tests are positive, negative or intermediate. NOT WEAK.
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You obviously didn't read the link I provided.

Anyone else?
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I read it read this. http://www.hivinfosource.org/hivis/hivbasics/results/
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OK, fair enough, but it came back inconclusive twice, yet there was no sign of antibody growth, so the lab decided I was negative.

Do you think that would be right? Also, the other two tests I got were negative, but they were rapid tests.
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Listen to the lab. They are trained in what they are doing.  
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