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What are the chances of getting HIV from a single encounter with a 22 year old woman, oral sex was performed on each other, and unprotected vaginal sex was also performed.  It has been 6 weeks since it happened and I am stressing out big time.  As soon as I am back in the country I want to get tested as it will be at the 9 week mark......Does Russia have a good method of testing? And if it does, would 6 weeks be too early to tell.  I am trying to get in touch with the person this happened with so she can get a test to relieve my worries...as I had a test one year ago (negative) and have been in a monogomus relationship for 10 years...I have a wife and a child and the thought of me screwing up like this scares me to death.  
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6 week 98% accurate.
Single exposure no need to worried much go and get tested. If possible perform ELISA
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You will need to get your conclusive test 3 months post exposure.
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What is ELISA?
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I would say that your chances of contracting an STD (HIV, Herpes, etc.) from a single encounter would be better than her getting pregnant (without contraceptive) in a single encounter. According to the attached links, HIV can be normally dormant for 10 years; rapid progressors in 5 years and about 5-10% in 15+ years. Herpes can also be dormant for 15+ years...so safe-sex at home may be your salvation to keeping your marriage intact...explaining 'Why?' may be as difficult as experiencing a divorce. Immediate testing may make you feel better, but Negative results may not help you sleep better for the next 15+ years....and if a divorce surfaces; your next love may not be willing to accept your past....

STD: The gift that keeps on giving....


"I have a wife and a child and the thought of me screwing up like this scares me to death."

Sorry to be so blunt, but there's no other way but to be truthful.
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HIV does not lie dormant any period of time.
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The sites you mentioned are selling stuff  and have google ads spread all over the place.  Aside, from the hiv dormant 10 years, do they suggest those medicines will help you?
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I only searched for basic information unconcerned about ads or treatments for HIV or AIDS...but in response to your question regarding  if their products offers any help, I personally doubt it.... a medical facility specializing in STD treatments would be my recommendation... I don't have any STDs, so I no personal experience therein..

Here is some other info 'Ad Free' ....
http://www.webmd.com/hiv-aids/frequently-asked-questions-about-hiv-aids (50% will develop aids within 10yrs)
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The only HIV treatment is HAART medications.
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** would say that your chances of contracting an STD (HIV, Herpes, etc.) from a single encounter would be better than her getting pregnant (without contraceptive) in a single encounter**

NO WAY!  There is a MUCH MUCH MUCH higher chance of pregnancy related to a single encounter of unprotected sex.  Hate to say, but the info you gave is not accurate.  You sincerely have to be cautious spreading bad info on a site like this where people are anxious enough to begin with.

For the OP--While you definitely put yourself at risk....the odds are still very much in your favor, especially for HIV.  There are higher risks for other STD's, like herpes, chlamydia, etc.  Test as you were told at 3 months for a conclusive result.  If you can locate your partner and go with her to have her tested along with yourself, that is a great idea and will be a load off your mind.

In the meantime....only have condom protected sex with your wife.

Try not to overly stress yourself....as you will just make matters worse.  Chronic anxiety can wreak havoc on your health.  Take Care...my guess is you will be just fine....just be sure to never put yourself in this position again.
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thanxs for your support, I quit drinking because of this and vow to never let anything like this happen again...hopefully I have negative tests results and can chalk this up to a lesson learned, and the stupidist thing I've ever done.....working away from home *****.

this has definetly given me chronic anxiety ever since it happened and a normal sleep seems like a thing of the past...but your support will definetly help...thanx again
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