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6 months ago I visited a massage parlor and havent had any sexual contact with anyone since then. I went to the doctor to talk to them about the experience (because I was paranoid) and they told me based on what I told them (protected sex worker experience) they think its highly unlikely that I contracted anything. However, for the past month ive had diarrhea and I took some over-the-counter medicine and its still not fully gone away. I returned to the doctor and told them this and they have me on blood tests and stool tests and when I mentioned if it could be an STD we talked about earlier they said this is an un-related incident.

My question is, being how its 6 months after the act and this diarrhea is a real problem (although its gotten better) could be it be HIV? As I said above 6 months ago I engaged in sexual protected acts ith a sex worker.
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I am kinda really scared to get an HIV test, I know about anonymous HIV clinics that results are gotten in 20 minutes but what are the odds based on what I said?
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You stated you had protected sex. HIV is not your problem.
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sorry to keep posting but also the doctor said if there is any concern with the blood test or stool samples they will call me. Does a regular blood test show HIV?
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No a regular blood test does no show HIV.
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