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HSV1 positive and HIV negative

Hello experts, please help me to know whats wrong with me.
I had tested HSV1 positive and HIV negative after two weeks of possible exposure. After 11 weeks i tested HIV is negative. Since 5 week of exposure i'm having burning sensation and tingling over my body, it continues even after i took treatment. Past one week i am feeling tightness and shooting pain also on my chest. now its 12week over after possible exposure. HSV Lesion on my genital area becoming more painful everyday.

Since 2nd week to 5th week i had diarrhea, neck pain, fatigue. I took treatment also, but diarrhea was not stopped. Diarrhea stopped automatically after 4week duration.

11th week(ELISA) test result shows Value 0.34,  and range 1.0 is +ve.
What does it mean? After seeing this result, my doctor advised me to repeat the HIV test every month till 6month period.
Please tell me can i rely on the 11th week test result? will the HSV make HIV window period long?  then why my symptoms are getting worse? what could be the cause of these symptoms?

I am unmarried male 29 year old, and having pressure from home to get marry with in 6month. i don't know how to move further. I need advice and helps.

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Hi veguli,

Given your 11 week negative, it is highly unlikely any of your symptoms are due to hiv. Most likely from all the stress that you are going through now. It is indeed a stressful period, and stress can cause certain hormonal and biochemical changes in the body which manifests itself as health issues, even high blood pressure and digestive issues.

Go ahead and get your 3 months test (which is actually right now), i am very sure it will remain negative, and then you can throw all of your chest pains and needles out of the window.

Come back and tell us of the outcome! All the best and take care.

May God bless

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Hi veguli,

hsv1 is a common occurence. More than 75% of the people have this. You probably had it for a long time and not know it until you tested for it. Nothing to worry about in relation to hiv.

If you had a real risk, a hiv test at 3 months will be conclusive. Your negative test at 11 weeks is highly unlikely to change.

Your elisa test result just tells you that your result is negative, meaning no detectable antibodies present at that point in time. The value (0.34) is insignificant, anything below the cut-off value of 1.0 means your test is negative, do not worry about it.

What was your exposure, may i ask?

May God bless

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On july 2nd, after fully drunk, i had sex with pros without using condom.
Yes i might infected hsv before this exposure also. I'm in a critical situation now. Confused, still have fatigue.  i'm not normal at all. Needle press pain over body, tightness in chest, what could be the cause? Is it related to neurological problem?
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Try looking up anxiety and stress.
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Veguli- If you are HSV-1 pos most likely the stress due to you worrying is triggering the outbreak of the HSV-1, Look at the symptoms of that and they closely mimic HIV symptoms.  If you know that you have HVS-1, most people do.  You are stressing you self out and causing this to flare
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All of your answer is same. Let me stick to your answer.

Thank you for your hopeful comments. I will reply with the result as soon as possible.

Have a nice day
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Hi Friends,

Today i got the test result, Its negative as you all said and the value count is 0.28, its less than 11th week test result.

Please tell me shall i move on considering it as a conclusive HIV result? or do i need to follow up any test?
Since one week i have mild sore throat. I don't know why i am getting all symptoms related to HIV but with negative result still.
Somebody says, if hiv and herpes infects at same time, herpes virus may prolong the hiv window period. but no idea how much its true.

But i am remained with Herpes Simplex Virus-1 at my genital.

One side light and another side dark still.

Now the worst situation, my family is forcing me to marry within six month. I am really worried to cheat my wife. If i am honest and tell the truth to her, sure it will become a big issue.

Still more confusion and adds stress to make herpes worst.
However i can live and support my family now, i got ready to tackle this Herpes at any cost,

Thanks for all of your supports..
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Take your STD questions to the STD forum.
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Since 2 weeks i had rounded violet color skin at my leg exactly under the knee. Since 2 weeks i have chest and neck tightness with pain some time, tingling all over my body still. Joint pain. Everyday while going before sleep i get rash on my face with extreme itch sense, but i control for while without make any scratch, then it will disappear in certain time.

Having all these problems in my body, i am not able to concentrate on my routines. Still i have doubt whether i have hiv infection. And doctors in India says that 6month is the window period. So went to doctor today and told him my situation. Then he suggested to take Antibody test(ELISA),VDRL and HIV PCR test to clear all the doubts. I gave the blood today.

My doubt is, if 3month test is conclusive then why i have all these symptoms/problems even after the 4month test result? I don't think all these bcoz of anxiety.

Do anyone heard having ELISA test result similar to me and turned to positive in any point of time?

Note: I never did sex after my first unprotected sex that is my last exposure is on July 2nd.

Experts!!.. Please help me know whats going on with me..

However i may get the PCR test in 5days.
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You don't have an HIV concern. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Mabe my stroy can help you a bit. I had unprotected sex almost six months ago. After two weeks, I began to have symptoms. First, enlarged lymph nodes, then pain in the legs, then night sweats, then an infection in my tongue (which looked like herpes), then hand and feet shaking. I have been really worried. I couldn't sleep not work. However all my tests have being negative! A 4th generation test at three months (4th generation detects a viral protein named p24 and antibodies), a third generation test at four months, a quantitative PCR at four months,and an ELISA test (don't know the generation) at five months. The rule is, belive the tests not the symptoms.

With modern tests (4th and 3rd generation) 3 months is considered conclusive. Some people delay more than three months, but is people with severe problems in the immune system.

The most likely explanation is that your symptoms are not hiv related, you are negative.

One more thing, PCR tests are not recomended to diagnose HIV infection. This thest have a high rate of false postivies. You have to know this because you did one PCR test. To diagnose HIV infection you have to do ELISA at three months.
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Thanks for the comment Teak, Jose

I am worried because i am getting married in another 3months, I don't want to spoil her life.

Today i got the ELISA test result negative with value count 0.27, I think its reliable, but however i already gave the blood for PCR test, i may get that result next week, lets see what it says also.

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Got the PCR test result.. Its Negative.. and dna is not detected for hiv1 and hiv2.

Shall i move on with this result?

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Hi Veguli,

From which part of india you are... even i am from india and had a same story and near by your exposure date waiting for getting tested at 4 months to clear all my doubts..

Hey i have a one question. What test you took for herpes which was able to diff btwn herpes 1 and 2.. and from which lab ? please answer !!!

And bro you are HIV negative :)

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Hi Jose,
I am from Chennai,

I get tested in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not sure about the type of test for herpes. But they tested for hiv, herpes, syphilis, and all other STD's also. Only HSV-1 was positive.

In India, i am not sure what test to do for herpes.

Have you get tested after 3months exposure? If so that will result will be most likely final result.

Did unprotected sex?

All the best.
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Thanks for you reply..
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Please tell us how did it go?
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