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Had Unprotected Sex With Prostitute In Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Doc,

I am a 28-year old Singapore male citizen and recently had unprotected sex with a prostitute of Chinese ethnicity who told me she was Javanese during my visit to a friend's wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was in the suburbs in one of the "complexes" - one of the more lowly hangout areas for laborers and blue-collarers where it was dark and dirty. The sex was cheap and good - of course because I didn't use a condom! I feel like **** now.

I couldn't give her a "once over" since I had 5 beers to drink that night before the encounter and that impaired my sense of smell. It was dark in the room too so I don't have even the slightest idea if she had any STIs. She told me she was tripping (but didn’t tell me from what) and didn't care if I wanted to use a condom or not so there's a high chance that she goes promiscuously without one. She gave me a blowjob without condom and I later screwed her also without using a condom. I used the withdrawal method and came onto her stomach because I was told before (and this seems to make sense to me) that the penis does an "absorbing" motion during each interval of a spurt during ejaculation. I know I did not withdraw late because I stifled the first spurt and pulled out before allowing it to happen.

This is the second time I have made this mistake. The first time was in Huizhou of China and I was cleared after 3 months and told myself I wouldn't do it again. That was 3 years ago, and I had been using condoms ever since. However, in recent spate, I have begun to become sick of using condoms all the time. That's why I made this second mistake.

I will definitely go for a check up, since this would count as the 3rd or 4th time I've done so. It has been one month since this exposure. I have not experienced anything that is out of order (no swollen lymph nodes, discharges, fatigue, manifestations around the groin area, etc.) at this moment. In the meantime I am really scared so I have decided to write.

Say, SUPPOSING if I were not infected by any STIs, is my risk of HIV infection any different? Really appreciate your help. I was too late in using PEPs.
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There is no doctors on this forum. Post you question on Ask The Doctor Forum - HIV Prevention.
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you had risk , get test 6 weeks , then 12 weeks.
be safe better than sorry
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Agree with Magic.  Get a test at 6 weeks (Great great indicator) and then a conclusive at 3 mnths.  Good luck.
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Yep, test in 6 weeks and again in 12 weeks. 6 weeks is pretty solid but you might be in that 2-5% so the 12 week test is a good idea considering your high risk act and high risk partner. Good luck!
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I do think you should follow the aboves advice for testing, but i would do a 4 week/ 8 week / 12 week pattern. Most people will test pos @ 30 days after exposure if you do some surfing around the web. The second group will test positive somewhere between the 6/8 week mark (if your still negative @ the 6/8 week mark it's a good very indicator you will test neg @). Have your fun my friend, but please remember that alchohol + a prostitute = bad decision making skills. Always protect yourself, always scrutinize, alway wear/bring a condom(s). I hope you test negative buddy, and i hope you think twice about any sex worker -or- loose woman unconcerned about safe sex.
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one who gives out advice needs to practice what they preach. also don't tell someone not to listen to advice unless they are wrong, which the above are not. you can add what you want but don't knock it unless they are wrong.
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