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Hairy tongue

Can anybody tell me or give me some information on "hairy tongue ".
Is this a sign of HIV . And if a symptom of HIV would this happen after exposure ,
or usually later on in the disease years after infection?
20 days after exprosure I looked in the mirror and I notice that my tongue
appear to be hairy.

I appreciation any help you can give me on this.

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What was your exposure? You cannot diagnose "Hairy" tongue. You'll need a doctor to diagnose you.
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hairy tongue (candidiasis) ussualy happens later in advance stage...It's white and has a creamy apperance, and you can scraped it out leaving a red fresh tissue underneath...
Your hairy tongue is not worrysome of HIV, I will suspect it comes from anxiety/deppresion...Relax...
BTW what's your exposure?

Be well.

GOD Bless!
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I had protected vaginal and anal sex with sex worker in Croatia, but my condom broke during anal sex, I realized almost immediately so I was only inside her for maybe 5 seconds before pulling out, than I was my self with soap and water.
I had no symptoms, but after three weeks my tongue become Hairy and  I got so scared.

After 35 days I did qualitative HIV DNA test, and Elisa test after 42 days
both negative.
1.How accurate are these HIV test compare to time frame?
2.Are DNA HIV tests accurate in covering all HIV Subtypes?
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My tongue is so hairy too, been this way for the past 3  weeks, and recently i developed these raised red bumps towards the back. I try to scrape my tongue and the white continues even after brushing my tongue several times over and over, gets whiter it seems. Also, when i try to scrape the red raised bumps, turns  to blood. Can someone tell me what this sounds like PLEASE before i lose my mind/
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there are supposed to be raised red bumps on the back of your tongue. Those are the taste buds that detect bitter and sour. Google "bump back tongue" and you should find all the info there.

Good luck
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hairy tongue is not candida. hairy tongue would appear black or brown. candida is white and wipes off leaving a red appearance. although, both can be casued by antibiotics. these nor any other symptom is indicative of HIV. only your test results are!!!!
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Yes, hairy tongue is not candidiasis, but when people ask in this forum i doubt they have the original blac or brown hairy tongue. I bet most of them have a white hairy tongue (that happen when someone has anxiety problem) which in turn make them wonder, is this the "hairy tongue" related to HIV (candidiasis).
So I thank you for your trying to correct my comments.
Good luck on your medical education! Hope you will consider to be an HIV specialist.

GOD Bless!
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