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Hand sanitizer

I had a bad experience awhile back. I had sex with an white female escort in San Francisco and the condom broke! I had some had sanitizer with me and rubbed some on my penis. Was this a bad idea or did it matter. I'm really scared and want to get tested asap. I hope it is just in my head but exactly four weeks later I had sore throat with swollen nodes. Then next day sore muscle for no reason on one arm and strange tender spot on face. There is no fever. I already set up appointment. How bad off I'm I? Should I call an undertaker? I'm very worried!
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You were protected until the condom failed your 3 month post exposure test will be conclusive.
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Don't call an undertaker, but get tested.

AIDS in the 21st Century, with all the new meds, is a chronic illness, no longer a death sentence

Since I am not a doctor, i will not diagnose - but get your *** tested

YESTERDAY!!!!!! (g)

Good luck

and keep me informed
Rainbow Ike
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Rubbing anything on the genitalia that was not made for the genitalia is never a good idea. No it did not increase your risk, but it can damage the skin there as it is very sensitive and fragile.

If your condom broke, you will need to test at 3 months after the exposure. The chances of you contracting HIV from this are very small, but you will still need to test. If it has been 3 or more months since this happened, you can test now for a conclusive result. I wish you the best of luck.
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