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Has there ever been a case of hiv through a community needlestick

I’m curious as to whether there are any incidents of hiv transmission via stepping on a needle. Why wouldn’t this present a risk?
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I think you've already been advised about this type of situation and what the risks of HIV are.  This is not a risk.  Risks of HIV, for a refresher for you, are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. Stepping on a needle is not a risk because the end of the needle is exposed to air which would inactivate the virus.  NO RISK
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I do understand that part though what about inside the boar of the needle? If the plunger was pushed when I stood on the needle ?
This is a long time to be obsessing over your non-event, so get help from the therapist again, instead of asking here again. " ......did not stop to look as I have massive HIV paranoia which I’m receiving help for ...."
As part of the therapy I’m asking questions so I can understand how hiv is transmitted ....
What do you mean as part of your therapy?  This isn't how therapy works nor are we your therapists but if you need it ONE more time--  HIV is only transmitted from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Sharing IV drug needles involves using the needle in it's proper way. Not jabbing it into you which is no risk as the needle portion was exposed to air.  
No one has answered the question re boar of needle and plunger being pushed?
Our members have answered your question. The end of the needle has been exposed to air and stepping on a needle is not the same as using it for IV drug use.

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