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Have I got HIV from my recent tattoo?

Hi, really need some sound advice because I’ve read conflicting stories online so need some clarification to put my mind at rest. I recently got a drunken tattoo on holiday in Benidorm, Spain and now back home, 3 weeks later I’m absolutely terrified that I have contracted HIV. As I said I was drunk so can't fully remember everything clear as day. I’m now worried that I’ve infected my wife through intercourse. I have google symptoms and I have a scratchy throat and am fairly itchy but with no obvious rash. I must also add I suffer from OCD so this is making me extra anxious and my stress levels are through the roof. I can’t take to my wife about this for fear of how she’d react. I’ve ordered a self-test kit which is arriving in the next few days. Please can somebody give me some accurate information as to the likelihood and risk of infection.
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Tattoo's do not give one HIV. The HIV virus is fragile and air inactivates it.  Needle sticks don't 'transmit HIV.  IV syringes are not needles sticks and that is different and this is why sharing IV drug needles is different than simply getting poked.  And the tattoo is on top of the skin.  So, there is no risk for HIV from getting a tattoo.  Worse case scenario if they did not clean the equipment, air would inactivate anything on those needles.
Thanks for putting my mind at rest!
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