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Heavy Sympthons

About 4 weeks ago I had sex with a female who had unprotected sex about 1.5 month before that. We started with a condoom but it tore during the sex itself, so there was about 15-20 seconds of unprotected sex.

3 weeks after I got quite sick with sympthons as

Hard time breathing
Heavy legs
Rash over the whole body (which looks a lot like acute HIV rash)
Hard time watching moving stuff (like when driving a car/playing a game/watching t.v)
Sleeping trouble,

I did a bloodtest after 3 days but haven't gotten the result yet, I'm really scared (mostly cause of the rash, wasn't worried before that) and I'm hardly convinced that a blood test after 3 weeks is gonna give the right conclusion.

How big is the chance that its positive? This might not be the place to post but I'm losing a lot of sleep over this.
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3 weeks is to early to test after a possible exposure. Test at 6 weeks then at 3 months post exposure.
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How big is the chance that you are actually infected tho? I heard that it was around 1% but its just to hard to believe it:
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I don't play the numbers game unless I'm at the horse track. Your test at the proper time will give you the answers you need.
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Sorry to yet ask again, but does anyone know if this rash can spread all over your hands (fingers mostly) and your ankles/feets?

Been to the doctor with it but he didn't exactly know what the rash was either and there is no way to get an appointment with an expert at this moment.

(yes, I'm aware that I have to wait till 6+ weeks but the anxiety is killing me)
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I just want to tell you to relax!!!

I was exposed 10 yrs ago while I was in a 3yr relationship with someone whom was positive but I didnt know.

I recently found out he was positive and just had my HIV test, it was negative!!

Dont stress yourself out like I did, BREATHE...... RELAX.....

From what you described your chances are very low but getting the test done at the proper times is the only way you will have definite answers!!

Good Luck!!

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Sorry if this is considered a bump,

I did read yesterday that the chance to get infected during someone's acute hiv is a lot higher,

Now after a quick phonecall with the woman I found out she had unprotected sex with a certain person 4 weeks before that, is it really true that the chance to get infected is over 1 on 10 in those cases? (sorry that I ask for numbercrunshing stuff, but the symptoms+the rest of information really make me sick, not to mention most of the rash/fever came before actually worrieing about a HiV infection.
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