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!!!!!!Help ,Very Worried about HIV !!!!!!!!

Hi , i have been having extremely bad bouts of pure Panic i mean really bad
i can't even think straight anymore. it all started about 3 years ago in 2014
had a case of very odd and very obscure symptoms from
* muscle and joint aches and pain ( hard to get up from off the ground and move around)
* swelling of the ankle , feet , and behind the knee cap area  
*cold chills right before bed time  and waking up lightly sweaty
* post nasal drip
* Rashes ( looked like pimples )
* very dry skin after showers with fungal looking rash

seem to last for a month and a half then got better

in 2015 i had a eye infeciton
and about a month after that had a ear infection
both went away after only a few days

in 2016 ( till present day) i noticed a bad taste in my mouth that just wont go away
with a coating on my tongue. fast forward to 3 days ago i finally went to my primary care doctor
looked in my mouth and was concerned about a white looking film on both sides of my cheeks inside my mouth
looks like a straight line. right away he thought it was something called lichen plannus and made an apointment for me to see an ENT specialist.

my last exposure (sex without a condom )was Feb of 2014
but i must admit i did have quite a few exposures from 2003 - 2013 ( 10 year span) of sex without a condom many times with different women. my testing only antibodies for HIV are as follows

* 2003 ( very first time i ever tested for HIV )  negative
* 2007 - negative
* 2011 - Negative
* 2014 ( when my odd symptoms first started)
March - Negative
April - Negative
July - Negative

*2015 - negative
* 2016 around december - Negative

did another hiv test 3 days ago waiting on results
so after my odd symptoms started in 2014
its been 3 years negative plus the other tests i did while in the military years before.

so all in a nutshell i am suffering extreme anixety for the simple fact that
im confused about the window period due several people on here and other sites that already have HIV state that they tested way over the window period. i was doing fine mentally for all over 2016 and not thinking about it until my visit 3 days about and about the white line inside my cheeks .
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Oraquick - 3 month conclusive,
4th gen test AG/AB 6-9 weeks can give 80-90% result, but again 3 month is conclusive.
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