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Help! Condom broke during sex with CSW

Hello Guys, on the 6th of sept, I had sex with a prostitute in Thailand and the condom burst without me knowing and I ejaculated in her.  Will I get infected with HIV? The next day I went to a clinic and was given 2 types of medicine for gonorrehea and Chlamydia (4pills each). Azithromycin for Chlamydia. Cefixime for Gonorrhea. 4 pills ea (total 8) = taken all at 1 time. Edurant and Truvada was given for HIV prevention and are to be taken for 1 month. Now on the 5th day, I've rashes on my back, yellowing of the eyes, dark yellow urine and depression. Please advise if it's the effect of HIV or the medication given. I'm feeling so paranoid over this. Please help and advise on the next step I should take? When do I go for HIV testing.
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You don't get ARS this quickly. There is an std forum where you can get the best info on std. Since she used a condom to protect herself from you, she likely always does so the chances she even has HIV might not be zero, otherwise why would she wouldn't bother with the expense of condoms?
You can test 28 days after the PEP ends, but until then try to relax and do not try to associate any "symptoms" with ARS because I haven't seen anyone who thought they had ArS, actually have it. Only your doctor can determine if they really are from any health issue or if it isin your imagination from fear or the meds.
You can look up the side effects of the meds online, or read the insert that came with the prescription if you still have it.
I meant
so the chance she even has HIV is likely zero,
Thank you. What symptoms should I look out for in HIV and what should I do if it happens?
Don't look for any symptoms because you interact with others and don't live in a bubble, so they can come from other germs which is why doctors don't diagnose HIV from symptoms. Just try to relax until you can test which especially includes staying away from Googling for symptoms.

Many clinics wont give PEP if the other person isn't positive. We can't advise you on whether or not you should stay on PEP though, because it is your decision to make.
This is the worst period of my life wondering if I've contracted HIV. Haven't been eating or sleeping well. But I'm feeling much better after your feedback. Thank you very much for helping me.
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Though condom failure puts you at HIV risk, however you should remain calm and do not panic, because today, sex workers are also equally educated and conscious about their health as well. That is the reason, they use protection, to protect themselves from us.

There is a very strong possibility that she is clean and may not be infected, in such case, you have no reason to worry about, because nobody can give something he/she does not have

Administering PEP was your doctor's call and I am sure, he has evaluated your case carefully before putting you on the meds. These medicines certainly have side effects and I am sure, the same you are experiencing right now, because HIV related symptoms do not surface before 2 weeks.

You may go for your HIV test at least 4 weeks after completion of your PEP medication, and if you got tested by 4th generation duo test, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life

Condoms provide 100% protection against HIV, however their guarantee becomes void as soon as they fail. Once the condom fails, sex becomes as unsafe as it was without a condom. Correct and consistent use of condom is the key.
I agree with diver except it isn't always the case that the doctor evaluates your case carefully before putting you on PEP. See link below. Your situation seems very low risk but if you don't want to play the probabilities continue with the PEP, although it isn't a guarantee to work. http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2316352/Why-clinics-sometimes-prescribe-PEP-to-people-who-dont-need-it
For further clarity on my last post, there are some side effects of PeP too, so it is more than just playing the low probabilities of being infected, so it is only your decision to make.
Thank you AnxiousNoMore and Diver 58. Appreciate your help and advise.

I need your take on this issue.
On 11th sept, I started noticing rashes on my upper chest and today is the 13th day(condom failure on 7th sept, 12am) rashes has began on my lower neck with white heads in the middle. Could it be the early symptoms of HIV, PEP side effects, STD or anxiety issue that causes this? And I've been feeling tired and been having slight diarrhoea daily ever since I've started PEP (Truvada and Edurant). I will be taking the HIV PCR test tomorrow (results will be in 2 weeks)
Appreciate your expert advise. Thank you.
No one here can comment on your symptoms.  Continue working with your doctor to determine the cause of the rashes, which could very well be side effects of meds or anxiety.
Thank you for your advise. I can't help thinking if I've contracted HIV. Is it possible to get the HIV combo test done for 2 weeks post exposure just to get a indication of whether I've been infected with HIV? I'm planning to get the combo test done after the completion of PEP (28days) too.
Please advise. Thank you very much.  
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Thank you for your advise guys. I've tested negative with hiv combo test at both 4 weeks post exposure (completion of PEP) and 2 months post exposure. Tested negative for gonorrhea and chamlydia at 2 weeks post exposure and negative at 5 weeks post exposure for syphillis.  But the rashes/pimples that I've had, haven't stopped since day 4 post exposure (its 9-1/2 weeks post exposure now). With both negative hiv test, it mean that the rashes has nothing to do with HIV. Please advise if PEP, herpes, hepatitis or anxiety could be the cause? (Waiting for 3months post exposure to test for herpes and hepatitis) Or any other skin diseases cause by skin to skin contact with csw. Appreciate your expert advise. Thank you.
This isn't a diagnostic forum so you need to talk to your doctor who can examine you about any health concerns since you don't have HIV.
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