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Help!! TS encounter and I am worried. No Symptoms except for runny nose

Hey Doc,

Over the last few months, I experimented with TS Sex workers.
1st time: I wore a condom and tried to give anal. But got limp. The tip of me penis head went in for just 5 secs and I came out. She finished me with a handjob/Blow job. At some point, she took of the condom and I ejaculated on the bed. ( I got a oral quick test and was negative 2 weeks later)

2nd time: I was able to get an erection and penetrate with a Condom. We used Lotion/lube and it lasted 2 mins. I tired to change positions and lost my erection. She gave me oral with a condom on. My concern is that i could feel fluid entering the condom, while she was giving me oral. I came in the condom and did not check if it had ripped. I asked her if she was safe and she reassured me she was.

3rd time: just mutual masterbation and she came on my stomach and i came with oral / with a condom

This last time was 5 weeks ago. Ive had a runny nose for the last 2 months, with no signs of other illness. I know that runny nose is not a sypmtom but it refused to go away. I have been healthy, working out ect. I get me blood test result back next week for all STD. Should i be worried about anything.

thank you
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You had PROTECTED sex therefore you had NO RISK and do NOT need to test.

Your runny nose sounds like you may have allergies. It has absolutely nothing to do with HIV or any STD.
Thank you,
Also i forgot to mention that during the 2nd encounter, when she finished she wiped my private area with alcohol. There was a slight burn/sensation on the base of my penis. I started to think if she may have cut me during oral, but even then I am at no risk. correct?
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It was probably just a VERY slight abrasion from the rubbing of the condom during sex, (either anal or oral) and the alcohol would, indeed, cause it to sting.


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Hello RUbwitch,

I know you said I had no risk, but I had already done the blood and went to get me results today.
I was negative. Which is expected. But the concern that I and my doctor had was my low WBC number. I was coming off of a runny nose, like stated earlier,but my WBC count was well below the normal range.

My last possible exposure to HIV would was Jan 14th and my lab test was on March 28th. Is that conclusive enough of a test?

Also the doctor asked for another blood test in 2 weeks to check the WBC count. is this cause for concern regarding any delayed response to HIV?

thank you again,
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Again...........all of your encounters were protected, including the oral. You never had a risk for HIV OR STD's.
Your last test, which was totally unnecessary, would of course be negative because you had no risk.
Please accept the fact you are HIV-

A low end WBC can be the result of so many things, there is not room to write them all. Even people with HIV (which YOU do not have) are more concerned with their T-cells than their WBC's.

Your doctor is simply checking your WBC count again to see if it has stabilized to within normal range and has nothing to do with checking for HIV. If it remains low, he will do further checking for a possible infection. I have arthritis and chronic sinus infections and my WBC is almost always low. That you had a runny nose for two MONTHS sounds exactly like my sinus infections which keep MY WBC's low.

If your anxiety level remains high, when you see your doctor for the results of your second blood draw, please discuss your HIV concerns with him at that time. He will also reassure you that you had no risk.
Please try to calm down.
thank you RubyWitch,
hearing this from you is calming. I have prayed and im moving on from the situation. I guess the guilt from these poor decisions was weighting on my conscious.
Thank you for your help.
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I'm glad to read you are moving on from a risk you never had. Fear and yes, guilt, can fill us with anxiety. You can lay both of those down now.
We ALL make mistakes because we're human and if we're smart, we learn from them and become even smarter! I'm SO smart, I scare myself! LOL
Enjoy your peace
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