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Help so confused about my symptoms

I live in Houston Tx usa I'm very stressed and need updated answers I've been searching for months and have so many mixed answers. My question is well I had unprotected sex on july 22 2017 and i tested positive for genital herpes after that and it scared me so much that i started thinking i might have hiv so i got tested for hiv in aug sep oct and November they were all negitive but in aug i had some ars symptoms like diahrrea night sweat maybe swollen lymph nodes mouth ulcer and i got 2 herpes outbreaks one in aug and one in sep so the doc put me on meds to control the herpes but the main thing that has me still very concerned about hiv is cause i keep having different issues with my skin like rashes its mostly small single randomly spread out red dots or single bug bite looking rash like 3 on my leg 2 on my elbow one on my stomach 2 on my upper arm 2 on my boob one on my neck they are just like small red spots inside my skin or the bug bite looking ones those itch i can send you a pic if that helps.  Also i didn't have all those dots all at one time its been like 3 at a time then they go away and new ones come it started in aug and still going on in nov i have been to a dermatoligist and she just gave me antibiotics pills and a cream but i finished the pills and still have spots coming up. So do you think these dots could be a ars acute hiv rash? Plz help
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Rashes alone do not reflect ARS. You had unprotected sex with someone of unknown health status, over three months ago, that certainly put you at a risk of HIV transmission. However quantum of risk is not very high from a single isolated act.

Do not focus at your symptoms, they are confusing and misleading most of the times. There is no accurate technique available on the planet, determining the infections from the symptoms. The only way to check our status conclusively is the HIV test.

You may go for an HIV test anytime now, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life. This is the only way to rule out the infection
Thank you very much for your reply. In the us how long does it for a conclusive 4th generation test result is it 3 months or 6 months. I had a 4th gen test at 3 months it was negative is there still a chance it might be positive at 6 months?
Your 4th generation test is conclusive. You do not need any further testing. You do not have HIV
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4th generation is conclusive at any time after 28 days and  any antibody test at any time between and after 6 -8 weeks .
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