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Help with HIV Test result please

Just got back the results of my Elisa 4th Generation test.
Came back as negative.
I posted before about my story and about taking PEP at 60hrs but discontinuing it after 9 days.
So the test result was taken at 32 days after the incident and 21 days after stopping PEP.
My question is if those symptoms I was experiencing were ARS symptoms would it have shown up on the test by now.
How certain are the results likely to be?
Are they likely to stay that way or is it just too early?
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Under normal circumstances (w/o any PEP), at  28 day a 4th gen is conclusive.  

A 21 day 4th gen test is a good sign of your final status.  But by itself a 21 day test would not be consider conclusive.

So your situation is unusual and there is no data.   Please discuss with your doctor if he/she believes you need to retest.

Be well.
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Going for another 4th Gen ELISA duo test tomorrow.
Will be 32 days since I stopped PEP (only took for nine days) and 43 since condom break.
Will this be enough time to be conclusive?
Really freaking out because on the morning that I took my last test on the 28th Dec I developed a white furry coating on my tongue which hasn't gone away since.
I know I'm not supposed to pay too much attention to symptoms but is that a symptom of ARS?
Never usually get anything like this so it has me really worried, especially after reading this on this site:
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The thing about PEP is that the post PEP testing protocol is in flux.  And there is a lot of variance base on who you ask.

NY still has a rule of 3 months post exposure, even though they use a 4th gen test.   They are the most aggressive in their guidelines on post-PEP testing.  And NY has a lot of experience with PEP.

The CDC still says once at 3 months and then again at 6 months.    

To me just using logic, if PEP stops the virus for 1 month, it's like your "infection" potential started 1 month ago.  And if people think 1 month is conclusive using a 4th gen test, then why wouldn't that work?

You testing at 32 days also gives you even more days for PEP to clear out of your system.  

Did your doctor have an opinion?

Be well
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Thanks Shaunw84
The doctor saw me for a few minutes.
I told him I had had the 4th gen test and all he said was that I needed to test at 3 months and that I would have a big chance I would be fine.
I asked him about my tongue and he just said it was an immune response to stress without even looking at it.
Having read those articles though my heart thumping like crazy, it's almost up in my throat.
I'm obsessing now about this white tongue that won't go away and it's driving me crazy, can't sleep at all tonight.
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