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Hi, I am a 38 year old male have been married for nearly 14 years, we have one child who is nearly 13 and I personally feel he is healthy. He is intelegent but not the brighest in class and has a concentration problem. My question is that that I have genital herper and suspect getting it before marriage. We both had an attack of it once in 2000. My wife has suffered from a vaginal yeast infection in 2001 and 2002 and never after. I went to the doctor who did a swab on my penis and all came back negative even after the culture in 2001. It has been 10 years now I have suffered from the occasional cold and sore throat during winter maybe once in two years had fever once in 1998 and being hairy get in grown hairs once in a while. I recently felt very slightly pins in my finger tips for about 5 seconds about 9 weeks ago and nothing after. I have asked my gp what does he feel about my general heath he says good. I have been a chain smooker for 19 years and just gave up about 1 months ago but have been trying for over 3 months. Never really been the exercise type but am trying at the moment. Do suffer from tension or you may call it stress as I have lots of resposibilities. My son has been pretty heathy only used to get ear infections at a younger age and fever but once we put gromets in his ear he has been fine. He may get the occasional cold but thats just about it. Doc my question is do you think that I may have contracted hiv 10 to 12 yearrs ago and if so would  my health as good as it is or do you feel that I may have got it before marriage I have never tested for it. The only symptoms from the symptom checker are the herpes 10 years ago and these pins in my finger tips for 5 secs 8 weeks ago and never again. I have had some blood tests done like crp it was negative,sypillis negative liver function all well but two points were high doc said its normal as you consume alchol kidney function normal, reumatoid arthritis negative. I even did a scan of my abdomen all was normal. I am slightly over weight but have put this weight on in the last 10 years or so.
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If you were infected 10-12 years ago, chances are you'd show some sign of illness by now. That said, there are NO guarantees. There are people in this forum who were infected for almost 20 years ( without medication) before developing symptoms. If you have doubts about your HIV status, you should get tested( if only for your peace of mind). I don't know your sexual history, but it's obvious you're concerned. You can NEVER tell your HIV status by that of your family members. The symptoms you've cited in your past all seem normal for a man your age and health. These things happen to people in so-called perfect health.
HIV should never be assumed or dismissed by the presence or absence of ANY symptoms. If you continue to have doubts about your status, request a RAPID or ORASURE test with your DR. The results are available almose instantly.

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