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Hello people. Here is my exposure details.

Condom breakage with a girl from college

Tests conducted:

Rna PCR with 20 copies/ml detection at 13 days : negative

Duo combo test at laboratory at 36 days : negative

Duo combo test at laboratory at 48 days : negative

I saw that CDC considers 45 days to be conclusive for duo and also experts like Hook,Handsfield and tan partners. Most Guidleines like UK,European guidelines consider 6 week to be conclusive for the duo but I don’t understand why doctors have not kept up with this.

I read that duo misses infection during the acute infection phase and it’s sensitivity is low during this phase. I found a study where duo detected only 80 of the 100 rna positive samples.Does this happen during the window period ?

Am i in the clear ?  Please help
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Trust your test reports. You do not have HIV. Move on with your life normally. All of your tests are conclusive and support each other. Your information about Duo Test on "missing the infection" is not correct. HIV Duo is highly reliable and very accurate test, a reported Negative result rules out the infection conclusively any time after 4 weeks.
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Hello diver! Thanks for your reply. I will accept it, I think it’s my anxiety or hiv phobia doing this.Could you please go over this study for me:


This made me confused
There's nothing remotely confusing about that article, which simply states that the 4th generation test is the most highly sensitive.  

Your tests are conclusive.  you do not have HIV.
Did you take a look at their results section ?

RESULTS: Four (11%) specimens out of 35 acute infections were reactive with the Enzygnost® Anti-HIV 1/2 Plus and 12/35 (34%) with the Vironostika® HIV Ag/Ab. 16 (46%) specimens were confirmed as acute by the INNOTEST® HIV antigen mAb Antigen test. Only three (9%), 10 (29%) and 9 (27%) specimens were reactive with the Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo, SD Bioline HIV Ag/Ab Combo test and the HIV Combo test, respectively.  

This made me question why not all the 35 specimens were reactive using ag/ab assays ?!
The only explanation that I can come up with is that they tested too early during the window period and it after 6 weeks have passed
Not after 6 weeks**
All of that is meaningless without timeframes attached.

If you want to keep looking for reasons why your test wasn't accurate, you will always be able to find them.  With all respect, you clearly do not have the necessary background and experience to properly read and interpret scientific studies.

The absolute fact is that you do not have  HIV.  Accept it or don't, but there's nothing else for us to say since you have tested conclusively negative by all standards.
I understand an I should stop searching the internet on why the test was not correct even though most guidelines say that is conclusive. I consulted dr.hook and he said I’m free of hiv too. Thanks curfew for the help. :) :) Have a great day
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