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Hep C delay HIV test window

I received I tattoo on Sept. 2, 2011.  I watched artist open new needle and pour ink into a single use container.  Afterwards I got worried about HIV and Hep C.  I tested negative for HIV antibody at 10 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.  I tested negative for HCV at 10 weeks but then REACTIVE at 6months.  RIBA test is not available due to some recall but HCV RNA PCR test showed negative and non reactive.  

1. If I contracted Hep C from tattoo would that increase the HIV window ... Is my 6 month test conclusive?
2. What would cause 10 week non reactive to change to reactive?
3. Could the 6 month HCV antibody test be a false positive?
3. Dr. says I have to do another HCV and HCV RNA PCR test in six months ... Why do I have Hep C or not?
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the window period for hep c is 6 weeks tops. that is weird to test negative at 10 weeks. and positive later. cuz 10 weeks is wayy past the window period. the 3 month is conclusive for hiv 6 month is over conclusive.  i would deff think its a false positive for sure.  unless you used another needle later on. go get checked but don worry if you caught it. hiv is the scary 1 hep c it dosnt screw with ur immunity so u l still have a strong immune system. jus gota take pills. pamela anderson had hep c for 15 years, so does tom lee, and so does aerosmith singer for 10-15 years. it deff wont kill u. good thing the hiv is good
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this forum is hiv specific.  any questions regarding hcv should be addressed in the appropriate forum.

as far as your risk for hiv?  you never had one.
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