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Heterosexual Men in the U.S.

Has a non-iv drug abusing heterosexual man from North America ever tested positive on this forum? I think there are a few at AIDSmeds has it ever happened at Medhelp?
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whether they posted on here or not is irrelevant.
It does happen, of course.

Statistics in UK show that heterosexual infections now form the largest increase percentile wise in new HIV infections, the majority of which , however, are acquired abroad eg Africa or Asia.

In North America there is a disproportionate incidence of heterosexual hiv acquisition in the urban Afro-American community.
Why this is so I am not sure, as purely basis scientific knowledge , HIV should not have a ethnic minority-specific transmission rate.
Its not a gay/black /IV user only disease.

Figures for new infections in Africa for example are exaggerated due to the fact that one can be diagnosed HIV pos in many countries there simply by exhibiting 4 symptoms (without even being tested)which can be linked to a myriad of other diseases, waterborne or due to socio-economic factors.

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interesting link
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