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Hi ,I have questions

I made sexual relation with condom maybe one minute.The condom in good condition after finish,no oral sex or kissing,I made elisa blood test after 30 days,the result is negative,this test only search antibodies.my question this relation is risk or not,and this elisa test enough or not,or must be re-test again or no need.And last question ,30 days are enough for show antibodies or not enough....Thank you.
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You had no risk and didn't need to test in the first place. Don't need to test again.
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Thank you doctor,I have question about condom.If you put baby oil on the condom...the oil effect to latex condom or not.I think you know what I mean,beacuse my english not good too much
I'm not a doctor.  We advise against oil based lubricants because they can't weaken the condom to the extent it fails. Failsas in break wide open and not create tiny holes, if that's what you're thinking.
Sorry for the typo.. Shoub be  "Fail as in... "
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Yes,my idea if the oil on the condom create tiny holes or not.
My condom is not fail down.
You mean the oil Cant weaken the condom and cant create the  tiny holes.
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Oops.. Sorry for the typo again... Oil based condom CAN weaken the condoms. When the condoms are weakened, they risk breaking, and they break wide open. The oil does not create tiny holes.
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The oil dose not create tiny holes in the condom...ok...I think the oil create  tiny holes can the virus allow to go in ??
My condom is not breake or fail dowen
Can I worred about oil or not.
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Your condom did not break. You had safe sex. You don't have to worry. You don't need to test for hiv.
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Thank you so much
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First ,she made massage for my penis with the baby oil then she put the condom on my penis,and my penis oily.
I dont put the oil on the condom.the oil on my penis...
There risk or not??
I am sorry beacuse  making noisy for you?
I am anxitey beacuse I am marriage
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Hi there,

You've explained what happened very well.  As malbat said, you did not have a risk.  Good luck to you.
Thank you so much
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