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Hi everyone

Would like to ask about an exposure I had with a women unprotected vaginal. I met her online. We had sex numerous times in one night and then once more a week later. It’s been 30 days since I slept with her but I have been sleeping with my wife I got tested with a hiv combo test at a private clinic at 30 days. My questions to you guys is because I slept with my wife after sleeping with this partner and then testing 30 days after the exposure with that women it’s been 30 days but I have been still sleeping with my wife would that affect my testing? So I slept with her 30 days ago tested after the 30 days but slept with my wife in between numerous times would that affect the 4 week duo test results? Would it put me be back in a window period? Thanks.
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It has been 30 days after your exposure with your cheating partner therefore you should get tested right away to determine your HIV status. You should also get a full panel
of STD tests and pray that you haven't infected your wife with anything. If any of your tests come up positive, you're going to have to admit your betrayal to ensure that she can get tested and get proper treatment if required.
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I got tested with a hiv combo test after 30 of exposure with that woman. It came negative I got a full std panel done all negative do I have to test anymore was my question due to me sleeping with my wife?
Due to sleeping with my wife in the same time period would I need to still test further?
No.  Having sex with your wife does not reset the window period.  You either got HIV from this woman or you didn't.  If you did get it and infect your wife, she can't re-infect you - the window period is the same.  You are negative for HIV.  

Check the STDs forum for information on the timing of STD  tests.
Thank you curfew you are a god send. Take care
Sorry just before I do close the subject if I feel I have unexplained symptoms would I need to test again for this exposure. I haven’t had another exposure after this and definitely don’t intend on doing in the future. If certain symptoms show up after I have had the test at 30 days would I require further testing. Thanks.
No.  Symptoms are meaningless.  The test is the only way to tell if you have HIV, and you do not.
Thank you take care
I tried looking for the STD forum but couldn’t find it. Can I just clarify something at 30 days after any exposure if hiv combo test is negative it means I am safe from that exposure and do need to further test at say 8 weeks or 12 weeks? Evan though sypmtoms started 7 days after my test that I had.
Your test at 30 days post exposure is conclusive. You do not have HIV. Symptoms are not relevant in diagnosis of HIV so it doesn't matter.
Have you ever heard of someone testing negative at 30 days then later testing positive at 12 weeks? Why do they tell you for conclusive results to test at 8 weeks?
Or at 12 weeks regardless of what test your using
You can find conservative sites that worry about theoretical risks that have never manifested, or outdated guidelines that some sites still use, so you have to pick what you are comfortable with and test then. We rely on the opinion of expert docs who say 4 weeks is conclusive so nothing else to say since this is not a science debating forum.
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Our STD forum can be found here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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