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High Risk Exposure to HIV positive Transgender

Hello, Back in July of 2009 I had intercourse with a transgender about 10 times unprotected who is HIV positive with a low viral load  with successful **************. The Transgender has had HIV for ten years. I had no protection and did not pull out during ejaculation in the anal cavity. Also I had sucked the secrections from the Transgenders female developed breasts for hours mulitiple times until my mouth felt raw. I had read an article on this website regarding HIV breastfeeding mothers have a 25percent transmission rate to the siblings who feed from their HIV positive mothers.  I have had a sore throat since August and still have a sore throat the varies in its intensity by the time of day and sometimes painful sometimes not even noticable. I had taken a standard HIV antibody test in October of 2009 with a negative result. Since i am unemployed and have only State subsidiized health care insurance I cannot undertake the HIV tests that can detect and yield a positive or negative HIV result within a few weeks of exposure. I lack the funds to take it yet I feel sick everyday and realize the high risk of infection i have subjected myself too. I have been abstinent since August of 2009. My question is more of a plea for help to any medical perfessional who can tell me what i should do now regarding my current situation. Also in my panic, I have researced blood electrification that was endorsed by a blacklisted Dr. by the name of Robert Beck- who says that blood electrification can rid the body of any virus bacteria or antigen. I understand this can be fraud by in my current situation i am willing to try anything to cure myself and right now i'm willing to try anything to feel better. A health perfessional opinion would be much appreciated and should be noted as a charitable donation to the community and recognized. Thank you.
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Depending on the time frame...an antibody test is conclusive 3 months post exposure. So you need to make sure you tested at 3 months if not then retest now.

If you did test at or after 3 months and got a negative result then you are negative and dodged a huge bullet.

Use condoms all of the time.
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You had receptive anal sex with person which is known to be HIV positive.
You had the riskiest activity for acquiring HIV virus.
You had put yourself at enormous risk.
Dr dr?It s a fraud.
What is done is done.
Get tested in 3 months of last time of exposure.
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yes,do a retest
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Can you be specific as to the risk regarding the breast portion of what i did? You may say this is irrelevant but for the sake of knowing the facts can you tell me more about transgender breast secretions with HIV?
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Why does that even matter...unprotected anal sex is the highest risk anyone could have and you worry about non-existant secretions?
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I have extreme depression and did not care about myself and I need help. I just joined a depression support group with the hopes that this will help me snap out of it. so what would you say my odds are of having the VIRUS?
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LIke i said i have really bad depression and I was incarcerated when I did this. I was extremely depressed locked up at a young age and depressed that i was were I was at my age not with wife and kids with a normal life. All i want is a normal life to be happy and now i realize that if i get this virus My life will be far from normal and will further complicate my life and my depression profoundly.  Thanks for your compassion and non judgement fellow human being.
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I thought I would go more of an answer other than what i know already. I know to get another test at the right time interval. But can somebody give me a risk assessment without a hint of judgement i their tone
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I had zero judgement in my writings. I gave you a risk assestment. It was clear and simple. High risk to have unprotected anal sex.
From your 1st post it seems like you tested close to 3 months if not at 3 months...I don't know since you did not respond to it. But if a little before 3 months then your negative status is unlikely to change. If at or beyond 3 months then conclusive.

This is a risk assestment forum for HIV. We do not and can not handle depression here. Now it sounds like you are taking the right steps to help your depression but you might also want to think about a therapist.
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Thank You very much. Sorry about my assumptions. Thank you that was a wealth of information and very clear. You helped me tremendiously. You have helped another human being without an incentive besides caring. Thank you and thank God.
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