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I am just being curious here but has any one in recorded history ever gotten HIV from "fingering" or a handjob. It just seems that a lot of us have been exposed to this level. Around the hand most people have little scrapes or loose skin generally due to the norms of life either as part of what we do at work or through normal everyday household chores and thsu the concern for most of us. Would anybody on this forum know or have heard of transmission via these exual activities. Both the doctors on this site have repeatedly said that  masturabtion is now considered "safe sex". Is this now excepted as the norm.

Would appreciate some feedback from the likes TeaK who have been doing this for a long time. It may help with the anixietys of a lot of people.            
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I can be certain and 300% + experience has said that you will not acquire HIV from hand to genital contact.

I promise you that.

Forget about the history and other non sense, you will not acquire HIV from Hand to Genital.

Yes, I have a problem of my own, but experience speaks.

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You cannot transmit HIV in that manner.
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