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    I am 25 years male on 7 aug i had unprotected sex(one time) with girl with unknown status
(biggest mistake of my life). After 5 weeks i had mild fiver which only came at night
. I was feeling chill. Three days after i went to doctor he told me take i have viral infection. After words i felt weakness. Fever where gone in 5 days But i found rash (maculopapular) on my trunk back side . Then i conducted Tridot rapid test and western plot test (after 6week 4 days) which came negative. same time i had sore in throat on 7 week i had joint pain and week ness and itching all over my face. Weakness  is continued up to 9 weeks. On 9 and half week i had conducted tridot rapid test. Which again came negative.
I have all symptoms of hiv. Now i am under tension that my 9 weeks test will come positive after 3 month . Still 2 weeks to go. Please help me whether 9 and half week test is conclusive.
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it is HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHLY unlikely that your result will change.

relax...just get that 3 month test done and USE CONDOMS in the future ! !
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Sounds like mono not HIV ! Trust me I had mono before!
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Thank you both for reply.
It is very helpful for person at this situation.
I dont have mono because i had blood test in which my lymphocyte count is normal.
I just want to ask how many percentage people test positive after 9 week negative test.
After how many days  after showing symptoms normal people create antibiotics.

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Lizzie can you please tell me
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can any one tell me answer
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To obtain a conclusive negative test result you will need to test 3 months post exposure.
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