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Hello Doctor, I have worked with an AIDS patient and I have had all the symptoms of Aids from fever for a month, chronic diarrhea, rash, frequent shaving infections and inflammation of the lymphocytes. I have been married. I have passed symptoms to my wife. All the symptoms have been passed on to my wife Worked on 2/3 / 7/8 months Combo device and the result My wife and I are negative but I suffer from symptoms and the relationship is sure that it is infected and now rash in all our bodies diffuse I hope help.
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What does this mean? "Worked on 2/3 / 7/8 months Combo device"
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I am sorry for my language. I am from Iraq. I have a relationship with a woman who is infected with the virus. She confirmed to me that I have done Combo tests from two months to eight months. All of them are negative. I have been tested for my wife. Also, I have become negative, but all the symptoms of AIDS have hit me. My wife and I are from heat for one month. My skin is spread out in the chest, face and shoulders in a frightening way with itching in the skin and the mother in the pharynx. I am very afraid of my wife doctors in Iraq. He told me to prepare the surgery after a year and some of them told me that the examination is enough in three months.
FIrst you mentioned you had a patient with HIV, now you mention a relationship with a woman - was it sexual and did you use a condom?
A combo test is conclusive 4 weeks after any HIV exposure. You tested negative so if the test was past the 4 week window, then you do not have HIV.
HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so neither you nor I can either so it is time to stop trying to link your symptoms with a diagnosis of HIV.

SInce you work in a clinic I hope you can get more info on HIV there, so you will accept your negative tests.
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I did not use the condom and currently I have done 10 tests Combo and my wife and all negative. Currently I have 8 months of exposure. Is this period sufficient to definitively prevent injury? Or should I repeat the tests? Is it supposed to delay the virus in the human body to this extent. I have an important question if the virus does not go astray in the body according to the strength of immunity Is it supposed to be dazzling with my wife and thank you very much I hope you answer because I am afraid for my family
You work in a clinic, so I hope you can accept that you only needed to test once. it is time to move on from HIV and to stop trying to be a doctor.
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I do not work in any clinic and I do not have information about the tests. The translator did not reach you my idea. I read in the internet that hiv caused a month's temperature, chronic diarrhea, rashes and sore throat and my wife and I had all of these symptoms. Is an eight-month period sufficient to prevent my injury and my wife's injury? Note that some of my doctors told me I needed a work analysis for a year. I have a relationship with a woman who is infected with the virus. I am very sorry I have tired you but I am very confused. I've seen pictures of skin rash on the Internet that is exactly like us. We have swollen lymph glands. A few tests were done after the relationship I have moved our chlamydia and genital herpes and cmv. I am afraid of hiv afraid that he moved me and my wife from the infected woman. I am thinking of traveling to Europe and doing more tests because the doctors in my country have made me afraid.
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My doctors told me you need to analyze hiv for a year of relationship to make sure 100/100 according to my serious relationship. Is this true. Do you agree with doctors in this matter?
The translation is not good, so just listen to me and see what you think.

1. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms because they can be from many other diseases too, so neither you nor I can diagnose either. it is a waste of your time for you to try to study your skin. Only a test can give you the answer.
2. When was the last time you had sex with the other woman? Did you ever have vaginal sex or was it oral sex?
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I had vaginal sex with the infected woman last time eight months ago
8 month ago
When was your last test?
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My last test is combo test befour 2 week
I have make test for me and for my wife the result was negative
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So, you are saying you had regular sex with a woman that was hiv+?  Well, that's not wise especially as a married man.  However, since it was 8 months ago and you tested 2 weeks ago (is that correct) then you are negative and didn't get HIV.  It has been long enough to feel confident in a negative result.  
Yes, your words are true, and I apologized to my wife for that. But the symptoms have been going on since the last exposure and the same symptoms have occurred in my wife. The important thing that my doctors told me was that my relationship was very dangerous and a measure of the symptoms that occurred to us said the test  should be repeated for a year after exposure. Is this logical? I am afraid for my family
Here is a fact you have to accept. You don't have HIV.
You are wasting your timne trying to do a doctor's job by pretending. You don't have any medical training and can't do a doctor's job.
It is unlikely that you even have the symptoms you claim. You don't have any medical training and don't know how to check lymphocytes and they swell up for more reasons than HIV anyway.
"I am thinking of traveling to Europe and doing more tests because the doctors in my country have made me afraid." I have no idea whaat your doctors have told you, because you keep telling your theory that you have HIV. Maybe you need to go to Europe if your doctors aren't useful, but only you can make that decision.
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Dear Sir Summary of my words I read so much that analysis is crucial after three months and I am surprised by my doctor where he told me to re-analyze for a full year after exposure. And I asked you until I inquired about the definite period in which you work according to your experience. Do I have to do additional tests? Will the result change when I do another analysis after completing a year according to your recommendations. I am very sorry to lengthen and I will trust your words for your experience in this field
Guitarrox told you " It has been long enough to feel confident in a negative result. "
I said "You don't have HIV. "

It is time for you to stop studying your body and claiming you have HIV.
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I wish so very much for helping me and thank you for your patience. I wish you success
Good. I hope you are able to relax now and live a long happy life.
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I will thank you dear
I sent you a message, check you inbox please
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