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Hiv ?

So about 5-6 months ago I hooked up with two of my exes the 1st one we did a lot of kissing and we always had protected sex. However we both performed oral sex on eachother I’m female he’s male. Then I had a one night stand 2 months later with another ex we were both drunk he got into a fight that night and had a huge gash on his lip where his 2 front teeth are he only gave me oral sex and then he rubbed his penis on the outside of my vagina then I made him put  condom on and we had protected sex. He swears to me he has no stds but I don’t know if I should trust him and I haven’t spoken to my other ex. I just found out I’m pregnant with my current boyfriend and I was just tested for all stds and I’m extremely scared. I’ve had utis and itching down there. My ob/gyn seemed to just brush it off but said if he had a cut it could be a higher risk. I’m so nervous now I’ve also read hiv can be transmitted through my urethra couldn’t blood easily have gone in my urethra? Should I mentally be preparing myself for a positive result?
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"Should I mentally be preparing myself for a positive result? "
You are WAY overblowing this.  First, there's no indication that he is HIV+, and most people aren't, so that alone is statistically unlikely.  Second, HIV is not that easy to transmit, and even in risky situations, the odds aren't even as high as 1%

Fortunately, you didn't have a risk as oral sex doesn't pose a risk (giving or receiving), even when blood is present.  If there were a sufficient amount of blood to transmit HIV, it would not be possible for him to be giving you oral.  In any case, HIV hasn't been transmitted this way in the over 40-year history of HIV, and you won't be the first.

Put these events behind you and move on.  No testing is needed, but if you decide to do so, you'll get a negative since you were never at risk for HIV.
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