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Hiv 1 or hiv 2 testing

In US, do we test for HIV1 or HIV2?
I asked planned parenthood in bay area (san jose area I believe) they said they test hiv 1 only...
But I read alot in this forum people are started to worry about hiv 2
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I was one of those people, the truth is there were less than 100 people with HIV-2 in the USA in 1998. All of whom were imagrants from other countries and brought the disease with them. Dr HHH said that if you get HIV-2 sexually in the USA, you w ould be the first reported case.

I was very scared about it so had to get rid of my worries for it, my PCR NAT test for HIV-2 took 7 days ( the reason i was scared about it). But after i got my negative test results I called them up. They told me that they thought I had my exposure in west Africa which is where this disease is prevailant. They said, and i can forward you there email if that would give you some assurity, that HIV-2 is not tested here because it is not present here in the US. But the new generation of Elisas test for both the strins of HIV.

If your exposure was ot outside USA or not with a person who is western African, you dont have to worry about HIV-2.

God bless you my friend and good luck.
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