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Hiv AB test conclusive after 13 weeks?

Good day. 4 months ago I have unprotected oral sex and protected anal sex for a minute.. we use saliva as a lubricant . 13 weeks I did my std panel tests and all come back negative. And HiV AB test was done and the result is negative .

1. Am I cleared to syphilis , gonorrhea ect for a 4 month tests.?

2. Is HIV AB test is conclusive for 13 weeks after the exposure..?

A week after my test I experience night sweats without fever . Honestly i am very anxious person. And this make me worried maybe my test result is false negative. And in now in China is winter . My room is warm ang I have two blankets. But I’m really feel okay. This night sweats bothered me most and make my anxiety back.

3. Is there any chances my result is false negative ?
I’m a gay man.  

4. Can I go back to have unprotected sex to my partner which I’m so worried now if he found out why I’m not having Dex with him for a week now.

Thank you for your quick response .
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You never had a risk making all testing questions irrelevant. Oral sex is not a risk nor is protected sex, either anal or vaginal.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or sharing IV drug needles.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus so you had ZERO risk and should move on.
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How about my night sweats without fever .? Is this possible because of anxiety?  And we can’t tell if the  condom use properly.. i just put it without checking if it’s right or wrong.. if it’s improperly use, in a minute , how about the pre-cum? He didn’t t ejaculate in the condom and masturbated it.
How about it?  It's not HIV related.  Zero risk means zero risk.  There is really no other way to say that.  This is not an HIV concern. Condoms need to only protect the head of the penis.  You are over thinking and trying to make a situation that was ZERO risk into a risk.  It wasn't, move on.  
Can we have sex without condom with my partner ?
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